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Good Things (February 2023)

by Contributing Author

A list of “good things” I’ve discovered recently:

this phone case(I love snap closure wallets.)

Dishwasher safe non-stick frying pan(It was given to me by my mother for my birthday in November, and I love it.)

comfortable lounge set There are many colors.

lightweight quilted vest(Size up if you want it to fit like the picture)

cute block print pillow For under $20.

listing This hooded sweatshirt Again from last month’s list. Because it’s a waste to miss it because it’s almost sold out. (I ordered a men’s S and it has plenty of room, and it’s been washed and laid flat.)

These faux leather leggings is cheating awesome Spanx brand And less than $15.

one of the best audiobooks (and celebrity memoirs) I’ve been reading for a long time.

if you like Tobacco scented candles, this is a good one.

six-sided cheese grater With rubber sole. (found this on a recommendation from Sophie from Big Boo CastTheir weekly podcast is one of my regular goodies. )

Search results for target jewelry: lightweight and thin hoop and These stretch bracelets.

i am pairing them This embossed bracelet From Holland & Birch. (surely follow me on instagram I will give you a nice present at the beginning of next week. )

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Post other good things.

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