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Give a Bedroom a Makeover with a Light and Bright Spa Feel

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There’s something about a great makeover that just ticks all the boxes! My client’s bedroom transcended the trends of the time it was designed. Over a decade later, the dark, traditionally styled wallpaper, furnishings and giant headboards suddenly feel heavy and dated. Our goal was to transform the bedroom into a light and bright spa atmosphere with a contemporary feel to it today. there was.

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When I started talking about wanting to redo her bedroom, I didn’t even know there was a window behind the headboard. It was both a pleasant surprise and the “oh, how do you handle this?” part. I can see why my design brain was spinning round and round for sure.

Tackling a sloping ceiling in a bedroom with small windows

Window offset can be difficult, but not impossible to overcome with some design tricks

I didn’t want to call the bed the center of the room, which made it difficult to center it, but having a window makes it even weirder. So some decisions had to be made about how to position the bed and how to solve the offset window issue.

How to center a bed in an off-center window

When we approached redesigning her bedroom, our first decision was to open up the windows that were hidden behind the very high headboards and paint the walls a very light blue-green color to brighten the space. We decided to look for a lower headboard within our budget and decided to open that window. Suddenly we had a whole new room!

How to center a bed in an off-center window

The biggest challenge with windows is that they are offset and not centered where they are placed on the slope of the ceiling. To solve this problem, I actually decided to put the curtain rods very high and wide so that the windows protrude slightly from the center to let in the light. I tried to bring the curtains as close to the center as possible to make them visible. This, along with the curtains, created the illusion that the window was much larger than it was. This allowed for more freedom in arranging the bed and centering the non-sloping part of the ceiling wall.The room isn’t that big, it’s longer, so there was plenty of space for the client to place the dressers he needed for storage, and plenty of room to walk around them. bouncing mirror Light across the room and back to the window.

West Elm Acorn dresser bedroom

You can change the tone of your bedroom furniture from dark wood to light wood and clean lines can change the mood of the whole room.

We also decided to replace the furniture with something more modern. Replacing the heavy furniture with lighter colors made the whole room much brighter.of Furniture from the West Elm Acorn series It was perfect including the nightstand, long dresser and armoire.

Use curtains and drapes to center an off-center window on the bed, transforming the bedroom into a light and bright spa atmosphere.

I replaced the tall dresser with armoire-style pieces and two nightstands. They were a little lower than the old ones with more convenient storage. The white bedding and the little colors here and there make it feel open and relaxing. Also play with different pillows and greens and you can see it change in the pictures.

West Elm Airy Bedroom with Acorn Nightstand

New lamps and some greenery on each nightstand transform this bedroom into a natural spa. It feels amazing. I also like that clients have the option to change the feel of the room by changing pillows and blankets.

Bedroom with lower and offset windows

The client wanted to read somewhere, so very small sofa at the edge of the bed. She had it there before and wanted to do it again so she could fold her laundry and hang out in her own room. At 48 inches it fits perfectly on the edge of a queen size bed. I got

Use curtains to center small off-center windows

Overall, I am very happy with how the room turned out and I know my clients love how light and airy it feels.

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