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Fun Summer Chore Chart Free Printable For The Kids

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Print out this summer short chart for free and help your kids become responsible during the holidays. Color coded by section so you can make your own. You can also reward a job well done.

Having a summer chore chart for the holidays is a great way to keep kids busy and productive.

It helps set expectations about what needs to be done, encourages good habits, and provides structure during a time when there is often less structure than usual.

But we also need a little fun. That’s why I created this summer’s housework chart. Download this summer housework chart and use it for the holiday season…


Note: This printout is one of over 100 free printouts that make home life easier…

What is a summer chore chart

It does exactly what it says, really!

You may already have a daily chore chart for your child, but summer might change the routine.

So it makes a lot of sense to create a separate chore chart for the summer holidays when your kids are out of school.

With the summer chore chart, you can give your kids a list of chores to do each day. There are also rewards for doing everything.

Free printable summer chore chart.

This chore chart has:

  • Space to write your name at the top
  • Coloring for them to personalize to their style
  • 11 Chore Space
  • Check the box for each chore for the week (starting Monday).
  • A place to add rewards once all the chores are done. Always good for motivation, but this is really important on holidays when the kids want to do something other than housework!
Summer Quote - When summer comes, the days get longer and the days get longer. Outside of school, everything was on pause, but it was happening at the same time. In these few weeks of collection, anything was possible.

Tips – Do you want to use it again and again?How about if you fill out the chores and the kids color them to their liking? laminate chart? That way, you can use dry-erase markers to tick off chores by simply hanging them on your wall clipboard.

Get a copy of the Summer Chore Chart

Free printable summer chore chart.

This summer housework chart is free to print and can be yours today!

It’s part of the Free Printables Library available to all OMH subscribers, just click the button below and sign up to access.

Note: This template is available as a PDF template in both A4 and letter sizes.nevertheless 80gsm paper Sufficient for most daily use. We recommend printing on at least 100gsm paper for best results. 120gsm When displaying printable. You can also use colored paper for a more personalized style (I love using it) brown paper!).

Should children do household chores in the summer?

This question tends to really divide people.

There are those who say that children need to play and just be children. When you grow up, you have a lot of time to do household chores.

Others say that children are part of the family and household chores should be done as part of a team. Age appropriate of course.

Which side will you fall on?

While kids have a lot of free time on vacation, there’s definitely an argument for it being the best time to get used to doing a few things around the house.

Not only does it help parents free up time faster so they can spend more time with their kids, it also teaches them responsibility and keeps them a little occupied.

It’s really a win-win, isn’t it?

Tips – When it comes to household chores, it is important to keep in mind that children of different ages have different abilities and needs. The chore chart should reflect this and give younger children less responsibility and more manageable tasks. It is also important to keep the list of

Free printable summer chore chart.

If you’re ready to have your kids help out and have tons of fun over the summer, this free printable summer chore chart is perfect for you!

Download your copy now and get started to be productive this summer.

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