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Fresh Spring Rolls

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Stuffed with noodles, tofu, vegetables and fresh herbs, these spring rolls are very refreshing. Enjoy a delicious vegetarian appetizer served with peanut sauce.

fresh spring rolls

I never turn down fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce, especially on hot summer days. Served chilled or at room temperature, it’s packed with noodles, tofu, vegetables, and fragrant herbs for a cool, refreshing taste. A sweet and savory dipping sauce tops it off.

I’ve ordered Vietnamese fresh spring rolls from restaurants many times, but if I wanted to get rice paper wraps from a shop, I’d make them myself at home. I like to experiment with different ingredients (mango? avocado? yes please!), so it’s not 100% authentic, but it’s a lot of fun to make and really delicious.

I’ll share my favorite easy spring roll recipes and the best tips and tricks for making them below. If you’re looking for something simple and fresh, you’ll love it.

Ingredients for Fresh Spring Rolls Recipe

Fresh spring roll recipe how to make

Here’s what you’ll need to make this fresh spring roll recipe:

  • rice paper wrapper – place an order onlineor find it in the Asian section of your grocery store or at an Asian market. Tips: I always choose the largest rice paper wrapper on the market. This is because the larger it is, the easier it is to stuff and roll.
  • Rice vermicelli – these are Extra-thin noodles Traditionally used in Vietnamese spring rolls, if you can’t find it, thick rice noodles also works fine.
  • Pork cotton tofu – You can enjoy the contrast between the firm texture and the fresh filling of the bean paste. Plus plant protein!
  • carrot and cucumber – Adds a refreshing crunch. I like to cut it into strips to resemble the shape of noodles.
  • jalapeno pepper – Crunchy and hot.
  • mango – For juicy sweetness.
  • avocado – Adds a creamy texture.
  • fresh herbs – Basil, mint and coriander are all great here.

Check out the full recipe with measurements below.


I love making fresh spring rolls with the above ingredients, but please try to arrange it!

  • addition sprouts, red peppers, or purple cabbage for extra crunch.
  • Lying green leaf lettuce or butter lettuce inside each spring roll crust. Place your favorite ingredients on top of the lettuce before closing the wrapper.
  • Insert the thinly sliced green onion for a delicious kick.

Whatever you do, don’t forget your herbs. They really make this recipe. In fact, the more, the happier. Don’t just pick one herb. These veggie spring rolls are best paired with fresh coriander, basil and mint leaves.

A hand dipping a circle of rice paper into a bowl of water

how to wrap spring rolls

If you are learning how to make spring rolls for the first time, wrapping spring rolls can be intimidating. I know that, but don’t be scared. You have this!

The first roll may not look very good (I’m speaking from experience here), but with a little practice, wrapping becomes easy. Here’s how:

First, set up your workspace. Fill a large bowl with warm water and dampen a clean kitchen towel. Spread the towel out on a flat surface, such as a counter or a large cutting board.

  • why a wet towel? The delicate rice paper will not stick, so you are less likely to tear the spring roll skin when assembling the spring rolls.

Then soak the wrap in warm water. It is enough to soak for a few seconds until softened. Lay the wrapper flat on a kitchen towel.

Hands wrapping noodles, herbs and vegetables in rice paper

Then add the ingredients. Stack in center of rice paper, leaving a few inches on each side.

How to wrap spring rolls - Fold rice paper over fresh spring roll filling

Fold the left and right sides of the wrapping paper…

How to make spring rolls - tuck rice paper around the filling and roll

…fold the bottom flap. Pack the ingredients as tightly as possible and roll toward the top of the wrapper, closing the mouth of the spring roll.

Repeat with remaining wrapper and filling ingredients to assemble remaining rolls.

Platter of fresh spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce

spring roll dipping sauce ideas

The delicious dipping sauce makes the spring rolls irresistible. Peanut sauce is my favourite. Because I love the fresh herbs in the rolls and the sweet and savory nutty taste. My peanut sauce recipe is easy to make with basic ingredients like peanut butter, tamari soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, and fresh lime juice. Mix in minutes.

But if you don’t like the taste of peanut sauce, it’s okay! Try one of the following dipping sauces instead.

spring roll recipe

what to eat with fresh spring rolls

I often enjoy these veggie spring rolls as a snack on their own, but they are also great as an appetizer or side dish. These go well with any of the recipes below.

fresh spring rolls

Preparation time: 30 minutes

total time: 30 minutes

to service 2 up to 4

These vegetable spring rolls are light and refreshing, stuffed with cold noodles, vegetables, tofu and herbs. Serve with peanut sauce for a delicious appetizer or snack. Vegan and gluten free.

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  • Prepare noodles according to package directions. Drain and rinse with cold water.

  • Fill a large bowl with warm water and dampen a clean kitchen towel. Spread a kitchen towel out on a flat work surface.

  • Soak spring roll skins in warm water for 15 seconds or until soft. Lay the wrapper flat on a kitchen towel and place the noodles, carrots, cucumber, tofu, jalapenos, mango, avocado, basil, mint, and cilantro in the center. Fold the sides of the wrapper over the ingredients and roll tightly to close. Make the remaining spring roll wrappers and ingredients in the same way.

  • Enjoy with peanut sauce for dipping.

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