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Free Printable Hourly Calendar (Schedule The Week, 24hrs A Day)

by Contributing Author

A very useful free printable hourly calendar in a one page template format that works well on a wall or in a planner. Track your week at a glance with this hourly printable schedule (24 hours a day).

Note: This printout is one of over 100 free printouts that make home life easier…

printable time calendar

Get a free printable copy of the hourly calendar

printable time calendar

You can make this free printable 24 hour weekly schedule template yours today!

It’s part of the Free Printables Library available to all OMH subscribers, just click the button below and sign up to access.

Note: This template is available as a PDF template in both A4 and letter sizes.nevertheless 80gsm paper Sufficient for most daily use. We recommend printing on at least 100gsm paper for best results. 120gsm When displaying printable. You can also use colored paper for a more personalized style (I love using it) brown paper!).

How to use the 24-hour week calendar

This one-page weekly calendar is great for creating a schedule for the week.

Divided by the hour and covering all 24 hours of the day, you can clearly see everything you do during the week and exactly how busy you are.

It gives you a really good overview of how you’re spending your time, how well your week is balanced, whether you’re planning too much, and where you have time to do other things.

very convenient!

step 1: Block busy times with non-movable (scheduled) items each week.

You can also color code these by task type.

For example, use a green pen to block time spent working, a blue pen for sleeping, an orange pen for eating, and a yellow pen for exercising.

step 2: Look at the remaining space (if any). If you need to change, you’ll have a better idea of ​​what you can change and plan from there.

Step 3: Add it to your planner or wall to see an hourly summary of your week at any time.

Tips – This is a great tool to start teaching kids about time management. It’s also helpful if you’re trying to make better use of your time (or just want to find time to do something new).

printable time calendar

Why not download this free printable hourly calendar today?

Plan your week and see exactly how you’re spending your time.

you might be surprised…

I wish you good luck.

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