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Free Printable Chore Charts to Help Kids Get Organized

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This free printable chore chart is a great way for kids to plan and reach their goals during the summer vacation or school year!

I hate nagging. I’m frustrated because I feel like I’m making the same request over and over again with no results. My kids are annoyed because they always feel like I’m turning my back on something. And it doesn’t just create the best environment in our homes!

But at the same time, it’s important to teach my two sons to be responsible and complete specific tasks each day. So how do you make sure it’s done without the dreaded nagging?

Enter: Housework Chart!

Why the Housework Chart is Helpful

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You know, I love a good list. The Chores Chart is the ultimate list-making tool for several reasons.

First, the chore chart eliminates the need for nagging! Woohoo! Instead of reminding my kids of all the tasks they have to do, the chart “tells” me. It acts as a neutral third party and creates less friction than I’ve confronted their cases many times.

I also like that the chore chart provides consistency. I have a habit of checking my chart when I get home from school, so I know exactly what I have to do each day.

Free printable chores chart in blue and green color scheme

Expectations are not always changing. They don’t consider if they have to do chores. All of them are clearly placed on the chart.

Setting expectations results in less fighting, more consistent chores completed, and a more positive experience for everyone!

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Free Chore Chart Printable Instructions

To create a list of responsibilities for my sons, I simply print out the printable chores chart below. I will come up with some

Free Printable Housework Charts for Boys and Girls

Each child is a little different, but we strive to provide chart ideas.

There’s room to mark chores for each day, but if a particular chore only needs to be done once or a few times a week, I usually X out the days that don’t need to be done.

Chores and Activities to Include in the Chore Chart

So what exactly should you fill in your chore chart? Well, the most obvious answer is chores! Here are some ideas for household chores that kids can help with.

Possible chores in the chores chart

  • Dishwasher loading/unloading
  • Garbage disposal/recycling
  • set/clear table
  • bed making
  • get a bedroom or playroom
  • Helping with laundry (collecting dirty clothes, repacking, folding, putting away folded items)
  • dusting
  • Sweep, vacuum and/or mop the floor
  • clean out the car
  • Wipe skirting boards, doors, light switches, and/or cabinets
  • clean window
  • Help clean the bathroom (wipe the sink, clean the shower, clean the toilet, etc.)
  • Lawn mowing (weeding, defoliation, trimming, mowing older children)

[Not sure which chores to choose? This post from The Happy Housewife has a great list of chore suggestions broken down by age.]

free printable chores chart for kids

Habits to include in your household chart

In addition to chores, also include daily habits that you want your children to build on the chore chart.

  • dentifrice
  • shower/bath
  • towel after shower
  • put the dirty clothes in the basket
  • some kind of movement/exercise
  • read
  • math games or workbooks
  • instrument practice
  • outdoor time
  • Hang your coat and put your shoes away when you enter the house
  • finish homework

Some of these items are of the small and trivial type, but I still include them in my boy’s chore chart for several reasons.

First, there have been certain seasons that I have really worked on breaking bad habits like leaving wet towels on the floor and leaving shoes in the middle of the mudroom instead of putting them away. Having these simple items on your chart serves as an additional reminder to replace old bad habits with new good habits (again, no need to be nagging).

These little habits also win quickly. Who doesn’t like checking off something off a list?! It is an item that can be put away immediately.

Chore chart in blue and green color scheme

Obviously, I’m not including every item on these lists in my child’s chore chart at the same time. It’s great that it can be rotated and removed.

Reusing the same chore chart over and over

Once you have decided which chores or activities to include in your chart, you can Laminator Boys can see their goals achieved with whiteboard markers. This way one sheet can be used many times without having to print a new chart every week.

Free printable chores chart in pink and purple color scheme

Besides helping my kids stay on track, the chore chart helps me too. When I show them the chart, they immediately come up with some ideas for tasks to work on!

They are not only useful for children! If you’re trying to create a new habit, or are struggling to stay on track with your daily habits, these charts can also help you stay focused and motivated!

Download our free printable chores chart (in two cute color schemes!)

If the Housework Chart helps you, you can get a free printout below. Two color schemes are included so your child can choose which one they prefer.

free printable chores chart

[If you are a printable lover like I am, you can see all 300+ pages of free printables that we offer on the blog in our free printables library!]

We hope these household chores charts are as helpful for you as we are for you! I always call it a win if I can build new healthy habits at the same time and get rid of the nagging !

Household Chart Printouts: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a chore chart in your home? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

Thank you for following me! A nice day!

Abbie Lawson, Just a Girl and Her Blog

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

Free printable chores chart to help kids stay organized and reach their goals

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