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Found on Etsy: Vintage (Inspired) Portrait Art

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A few months ago I met portrait of this man I added it to my mantel mix on Etsy. It was a digital download so I printed it myself and framed it to see if he would fit in the room and when I found him I found all sorts of great vintage rabbits in his style portraits on Etsy. I reached the hole. (More details at the end of this post.) I chose this particular one because as soon as I saw him, he reminded me of two of my favorite TV characters. I think it’s a weird mix of Scott and Don Draper. can you see ?


I also saved some images where large portraits are the main art used in the room. Designers who do this well are:


Image Source: #1 @whitneymcgregor #2 @Cynthia Zamaria #3 @Gordon Dunning

#Four @devon_gray_interiors #Five @lbcopeland interior

Etsy It’s a great resource as you can find vintage originals or digitally enhanced versions to print yourself, depending on your budget. You can use FedEx for I’ve even seen a buyer say in an Etsy review that he’s glad he got to print at Walmart. (If you’ve had a good experience somewhere, feel free to leave a comment.) I also think this is a great time to search (or reuse) used frames.

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