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Five Fun Ways To Mix Crystals Into Your Daily Routine

by Contributing Author

5 Fun Ways to Incorporate Crystals into Your Daily Routine
Tao of Dana

(Conscious Item Money Magnet Lamp)

Inspired by the wonderful gifts from the Crystal Sanctuary awareness itemwanted to share some of the many ways you can use crystals in your daily life to make things more magical.

A crystal is an energy amplifier. They have so much earth power and grace. They bring beauty and majesty to your life. And when you work with them, they can sharpen your intentions and bring extra life force to your days.

When you bring your crystal home, before you start working with it, you’ll want to make sure you cleanse any energies you may have picked up before your crystal arrived.there are many Click here for crystal cleansing instructions for you to explore.

You also need to program your crystals with intention in order to form a stronger bond with them. Here’s an easy way to do it.

So let’s see how you can use crystals to add magic to your life.

Divination crystal grid set.

crystal grid. thanks to the magic of the students school of intentions, I have developed a passion for crystal grids. The grids that some students create are a deeply layered art form. As you get used to the practice, you can feel more attuned to the energy of the process.

When I am making a big change or working towards a big goal, I start by writing my intentions on a small piece of paper. Then I fold it and place it in the center of the crystal grid template . Then select the crystal you want to use. With the Crystal Grid Kit you will have all the crystals you need to create amazing grids. By arranging the crystals in a pattern around the centerpiece stone that covers my intentions, you are circling your desires with more energy. to and are about to refresh it with new intentions!

(Energy Muse’s purple selenite palm stone is amazing.)

Grab a crystal for grounding. I have started carrying crystals in my pocket, purse and car as a way to harness the power of the earth. They’re sleek, just big enough to feel big enough, and really satisfying to hold on to when I need to feel more presence and ground.

Write with crystal energy. my self cleaning crystal pen It’s far more unusual than I imagined. I love writing wish lists with them and I will say this: they look great. I like to wrap a crystal around a pencil and write because it’s great to write like this. I like to write with a crystal by my side. That’s just another way to get this fusion of crystal lighting.

(Vita Jewel Crystal Water Decanter)

crystal water. There are many ways to drink crystal water. There are pre-made flasks with amethyst-like crystals incorporated into the glass flask itself. This is a great way to experience the energy of underwater crystals without having to put them directly into the water. If I’m drinking water, this is my method. Place a water-safe natural crystal (quartz, amethyst) in a jar of water and leave it in the sun for a few hours. You can use this water in your bath!

crystal lampMy Intuition Lamp Connect to your computer via USB. Small, but bright. Full of fiery, glowing vibes. I love all crystal lamps that are well made. You can find amazing selenite, citrine and quartz lamps in all shapes and sizes.

This is just the beginning. You can incorporate crystals into your beauty, health, fitness, art and energy routines in creative ways. I hope this gets you started.

It is most important to follow your emotions and trust your intuition whenever working with crystals or any form of energy. Vibrant activities are by their nature fun, creative, and not stressful or difficult. So lean into the fun and add more magic to your life!

XO XO! ! !


5 Fun Ways To Mix Crystals Into Your Daily Routine First Appeared In The Tao Of Dana Written By danaclaudat

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