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Feng Shui To Turn Chaotic Times Into The Biggest Breakthroughs!

by Contributing Author

Feng Shui that transforms chaotic times into the greatest breakthrough!
Tao of Dana

Using feng shui to turn chaotic times into the greatest breakthrough is where my personal journey began nearly 20 years ago. Chaos was my middle name. Everything in my life was without foundation. It was hard for me to attend. Focusing was surprisingly difficult. My hard work, excruciatingly hard work, paid me little if any. And when I discovered feng shui and applied it to my home and my life in a unique way, that chaos became the starting point to begin the life I had envisioned.

Recently, I had a severe turmoil. Especially not the professionals who offer solutions to disabilities and help people reach their highest potential.

The School of Intention – Professional Feng Shui Certification (learn more and if you want to participate this season, here are the details) – I talk about how you don’t have to live a perfect life. others. If so, then there are no medical professionals, therapists, or truly transformative professionals, because doctors get sick, therapists experience a range of emotions, and all humans are tremendously and completely imperfect. No. That said, you don’t have to be “perfect” to serve, but it’s very important to fit your job.

My own alignment, for the most part, means my life is orderly, organized, and full of deep inspiration and wild creativity. I know and practice in ways and I strive to make things better.

Recently, I’ve embarked on a giant leap of creativity, and I’m fully committed to it.

Love Camp – Feng Shui Love Immersion Program— dramatically updated this year. Students at the School of Intention are thriving. Also, the program has been significantly upgraded. A new project I’ll be sharing with you soon next week — a new way to support you all, create content for you, and share things that might be helpful — is all thrilling.

But the universe doesn’t disappoint when it comes to offering big changes in life and allowing those changes to flow freely.

Here’s what happened this week.

  • Internet service was down for a week
  • My blog (the blog you are reading now) has gone offline
  • A Family Emergency Has Occurred
  • The air fryer burned out and almost caught fire, and the house lights flickered.
  • The huge new carpet I bought recently was spilled and broken.
  • Then the whole house smelled of enzymatic cleaner and I was living and working in the back room from my cell phone
  • There were a lot of things that needed to be rescheduled
  • The tree I loved so much withered
  • Then I found out that someone copied my work and tried to pass it off as hers.

That’s just one part of a relentless six-day stretch.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t as upset as I was a few years ago.

Instead, I kept thinking, “How is this getting me to what I want?”

I asked for a way out to make a big breakthrough, and I was sure a big breakthrough was coming.

So I kept moving forward, taking each flop and accident as part of the process.

  • The internet is back, but we have a new phone plan with the hotspot we want, and this phone plan costs less than our previous plan.
  • The blog is back and we have the best experts working with us to make the necessary updates.
  • With each family emergency, a great solution was revealed. And everything is AOK.
  • The air fryer has been updated and I am thrilled! But on top of that, I started making more truly excellent meals in a slower fashion.
  • I got a new carpet that is even better than the last one.
  • We’ve had time to prepare, so everything rescheduled will work better than ever
  • My lost tree has been replaced by a gorgeous, flourishing, colorful plant that lights up my office
  • And there are even stronger plans to protect copyrighted works and ways to thrive creatively in bigger ways.

Prefer a perfectly easy and calm week?


Do you regret this week?

Not at all. I couldn’t be more grateful! The breakthrough is now in Superflow!

Get into all this energy.

– When you are upgrading or organizing your home and life, you may experience temporary chaos. It’s a bit of a mess. Then better than ever.

–If you want a big breakthrough and a really big next level in your life, it needs new energy. If you get too frightened and try to stop the process, you become stuck or stressed. If you open your heart and decide, “Okay, this is for my highest good!” Energy is purified. Change takes hold.

– When you want to transform every aspect of your life, it’s not always a unicorn or a rainbow or a smiley face. I kept crying too. I have also experienced the most profound personal growth I could have ever imagined. If things make you uncomfortable, don’t be upset. Focus on what you want and experience the glory of every moment.

As much as I love beauty, majesty, masterpieces and comfort, I have learned to embrace this more abstract part of the process of making change.

Not every big breakthrough comes with chaos, but when it does, you’ll be ready to ride the wave and stay focused on what you want. you’ll come out on top!

Here is your amazing success and all the great updates you are ready to do!

XO XO! ! !


PS: All details for joining The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Program are available here. XO XO! ! !


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