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Feng Shui To Take Your Power Back After A Breakup Or Divorce

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Feng Shui to regain your power after a breakup or divorce
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Feng Shui is a wonderful, and dare I say, essential factor when going through all kinds of changes in life. Whether it’s starting a new endeavor, moving to a new city, attracting new love, or going through a breakup. Every passage we go through, whether it seems positive on the surface or not, ultimately makes us stronger, brighter, wiser, and ready to embrace greatness. This is to ensure that the Breakups are often surprisingly difficult to get over, but they too can open the door to the most spectacular love and growth.

Today, Carrie Fitzgerald, a graduate of the Feng Shui School of Intentions and a brilliant coach specializing in conscious uncoupling and integrative attachment theory, tells us about ourselves when we’re in the middle of a breakup. We will share feng shui and energy changes that will help empower you. Or divorce.

Regaining Your Power After Divorce or Breakup – How Feng Shui Can Help

After a divorce or breakup, you may feel weak, devastated, or even helpless. Perhaps you can’t empathize with the new life that lies ahead of you without your loved ones. Maybe you’re telling yourself that you don’t want this life, that you want to go back to your old life, the life that you had when you were connected and shared your life together. I can’t. But you are here, in a new house or apartment, or a house or apartment that your partner has moved to or no longer visits. When I wake up in the morning, I can’t get rid of the bad feeling. Do you ever feel better? you will. i promise.

When you feel helpless and unstable, look for the moments when you let go of your power. When did you lose your power in a relationship? Did you stop speaking up for what you wanted? Have you discounted your own preferences for whatever your spouse or partner wants? did you Have you stopped asking questions about your life together because you thought “nothing’s going to change”? We are just unhappy. ’ If you’ve done any of those things, go back a little further and find out. When did it start? What happened to give up? When did you first start restraining yourself and your own desires?

Once you find your way down that path, you can get out of there. I find that following their wishes made me feel more comfortable and emotionally safe. You didn’t take long enough to know yourself enough to know what you really want. Your preferences didn’t come to mind when asked. I ignored my disagreements and stopped talking because I felt unheard and ignored. You accepted a certain amount of unhappiness as the price of being together and didn’t believe that life could be better. Look at this discovery through the lens of curiosity and compassion. Don’t blame yourself. Stay curious.

and now? Now you can get your power back! From now on, you can live a life that supports you and guides you to know yourself and say what you want. I’m not going backwards. It doesn’t re-track your footsteps. You are taking new steps in new directions with purpose and knowledge. Each way you gave up your power before becomes a way to get it back now.

Separation and Divorce by Feng Shui

Learn what you really want, like, desire, and need. Let’s start with the surroundings.

  • how much light do you like? Need more lighting in your home? Could you open the blinds more often? When do you want your room to be dark and calm? How does that feel to you? What do light and dark evoke in you?
  • How is your furniture arranged? Does its placement promote the ambiance you want in the room? Move!
  • What about the products on your shelf? Be selective so that only your favorites are displayed. If looking at old photos brings back sad memories, post ambitious photos of places you want to go or scenery you particularly like.
  • What color do you prefer? Can you add that color to your walls through paintings and artwork? Place colorful cushions and blankets on top of your furniture.
  • Do you like the music that plays in the background? What kind of music? Create playlists for different moods and times of the day.
  • What atmosphere does your bedroom convey? Do you feel that it gives you peace of mind and supports deep sleep and quiet time? Try using lemon or sage to cleanse the energy in your bedroom. Vacuum the mattress and change or wash the bedding. Dust your blinds and wash your curtains.
  • do you like flowers If so, bring flowers indoors from your garden, grocery store or flower market. Cut off the stems and change the water frequently. Please take care of yourself. If you don’t like flowers, consider burning incense or using flower essences to add your favorite scent to your home.
  • Spend time being aware of what you like and don’t like. Make your home a reflection of what you love.

Separation and Divorce Feng Shui

Strengthen your self-talk!

Listen to how you speak to yourself. If you’re usually speaking negatively, practice adjusting your speech (“This won’t work. I’ll be alone forever. I’ve been bad at marriage and relationships.”). Introspect yourself and try new ways of speaking. “I’m starting to love this life. I’m building my own home the way I want it. It’s a reflection of me.” I am learning new ways of relating and communicating, and my abilities are developing and growing every day.”

Seek help from a coach or therapist if you suffer from trauma from childhood and often get worse during relationships or times of stress. When you’re hurt inside, you believe things like “I’m not good enough.” It’s my fault I’m dangerous I am renounced/I am renounced. I have no value. ” If you believe and endure such hurt, you tend to live it out. you give yourself up You treat yourself like you’re a bad, worthless person. By putting yourself in danger or being overprotective, you miss out on life’s blessings.

Your home and environment can help you get through your emotional wounds. If you feel that you are in danger, lock your house and surround yourself with things that make you feel safe and secure, such as a warm blanket and a comfortable chair or sofa. When you tell yourself, “I’m no good, I’m not worth it,” be sure to let go of what you can’t fix. Gift yourself a home that is functional and useful for work. Let go of anything that is dirty or wobbly. Surround yourself with things that make you feel good. And if you are confronted with an inner voice that tells you that you have been or will be abandoned, start coming forward. Set your wake-up time and bedtime. Make your bed every morning. Keep the nutritious foods you love at home and maintain a social life that you can maintain without exhausting your energy. Please be very careful.

The end of a relationship can feel like the end of the world. Instead, start watching your new life unfold. Step by step, your power and inner knowledge will emerge from within. Transform your home and environment into active supporters as you deepen your wonderful new life.

We have Carrie Fitzgerald, a certified coach in Modern Feng Shui, Conscious Uncoupling, and Integrative Attachment Theory. here and @yourintentionallifecoach on Instagram.use Click this link to schedule a complimentary 20-minute discovery call with her.

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