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Feng Shui Tips for Travel

by Contributing Author

Clear space.

Whether it’s your hotel room, your couch, or your childhood bedroom, there can be residual energy from people who have stayed there before or are with you. Traveling makes you sensitive to cosmic and foreign energies. By clearing out the space, you just give the place a little perk to provide a restful and spacious sleeping environment while traveling.

It’s a good idea to carry a space clearing tool with you whenever you travel, such as palo santo or orange essential oil spray. palo santo stickWhen Room mist of orange and white sage.

Be careful with your electronics.

If possible, we recommend keeping your electronic devices at least 5 feet away while you sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep in new places is often difficult, especially when traveling, and EMF can also affect your ability to get a restful sleep. Paying attention to our devices can also be a great distraction to falling asleep.

Unpack and make yourself at home.

The first thing to do when you go to bed is unpack! Putting your belongings in a drawer creates a sense of ownership and relaxation, rather than the chaos of literally living with just a suitcase. Then stow your suitcases and you’ll feel as spacious as at home. Like you, it’s worth stretching your stuff a bit after a long day of travel 🙂

Ange Cho

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