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Feng Shui Space Blessings

by Contributing Author

In Feng Shui, we see space as a living thing. Like other living things, our space also has energy. You can spend your time absorbing the energy of the people who live there, and you can receive energy from the people who used to live there.this is senior spirit, not always the most helpful. It can also feel stuck and contribute to challenges.

If you’re feeling stagnant in your home, I recommend a space clearing called Space Blessing to change your mind. A space blessing or space clearing can be thought of like a shower in your home. How refreshing do you feel after taking a shower? space clearing Provides the same kind of refreshment to your home.

There are many different ways to do space blessings. Below are some of my favorite methods.

Clear space with sound

Using devices such as crystal singing bowls, metal singing bowls, bells, and even your own voice are great ways to transmute stuck energies. Start in the middle of each room in your house so that the sound echoes outward. You can also start at the front door and move clockwise around the house by ringing the bell or singing an uplifting song. Hug the left wall and visualize your home being purified, uplifted, and filled with iridescent light.

Clean up the space with botanicals

You can also shift your mind at home. burning plantThis is a way to connect with the heavens and the smoke helps transform the energy in your space as it rises. Consider which plants resonate with you and which plants grow near you. You can buy or craft a bundle that you can burn from the Fireproof Bowl. When the time comes, visualize your house being filled with rainbow colored lights. You can also chant or sing while walking around the house.

space with orange

Orange is often used in feng shui as a tool for cosmic blessings. Mandarin oranges are very auspicious and have a lot of positive energy. Keep a bowl of fresh oranges in your kitchen and let the scent boost your home’s energy as you enjoy peeling them, or cleanse your home with a mist made with fresh orange peels. orange essential oil.

We hope this inspires you to refresh the energy in your home!

Ange Cho

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