Indeed, most people don’t keep toothbrushes in the living room or pots in the bathroom. But if you keep them there, it’s not considered “harmful”, it’s just unorganized. I am constantly answering questions about the best places to place both common and rare items, such as other large and small items.

When it comes to books, a very false “rumor” circulated in the 1990s that books should not be kept in the bedroom. Some feng shui novices have decided that having a book in their bedroom spoils their “romance.” Ridiculous! Yet this New Age superstition persisted.

Maybe the perpetrators of that lie will at least allow copying 50 shades of gray on the nightstand in the bedroom.

Not everyone has a special room at home dedicated to the library. But many people really care about their books and would rather read a real book than a Kindle screen. Over the years, I’ve given away most of my books, but always keep what I think I can read again or refer to. According to Feng Shui principles, is there a better place to put a book in your home? The answer is a resounding “NO”.

Come to think of it, books are welcome in both traditional and non-traditional places. Books in the kitchen are just as practical as in the living room. Especially if you want to read a book while sipping tea or snacks in a nook or table.

Books and magazines are always popular in the bathroom, and not just because they need to be read while on the throne. Some even read while soaking in the bath!

I keep the books I might need for my business in my office for easy reference, but the rest of the books are all scattered around the house. Books and bookshelves can be used as whimsical decorative items. You might even find creative ways to use bookshelves to manipulate the flow of chi from one area to the next.

The book itself is not a testament to how good or bad Feng Shui theory is. In fact, the artwork you have in your home can have a huge impact on the images and colors you see in your room. A book made of paper might be associated with the wood element, but not so much as all the wooden furniture in your home. However, you can read it almost anywhere that is bright and comfortable.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®

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