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Feng Shui for Your New Apartment

by Contributing Author

I’m happy to share the first post in a series of three posts that provide feng shui adjustments to help you move into your new apartment. Moving from one space to another can be stressful and costly, but these feng shui tips are easy to implement and go a long way toward making your new home a sacred and nourishing space. .

clear the space

First of all, it’s always important to clear out a new space before trying to build a house by introducing stuff. All space can hold previous energy, it can be negative, but it is definitely not yours, so clear the new space and say that this will be your new sacred space. Setting intentions can help. Try the space clearing techniques described here to refresh the energy in your new home.

commander’s position

Moving to a new space is a great opportunity to lay out your furniture in the most favorable way. In feng shui, there is the concept of commanding positions that help identify the advantageous placement of furniture in the space facing the door, such as the bed, sofa, desk, stove, etc., at the diagonal point furthest from the door. This will help you see what life is coming your way and prepare appropriately!

Check out Bagua

Laying Bagua It can be a complicated process for even the most advanced feng shui professional, but it is an important way to address the energy needs of your space. Stand and place the Bagua and pay attention to the parts of your life that require special attention. If not (which is often not the case), then feng shui practitioner For assistance in making sure that important areas of your life are occupied in your space.

Over time, different areas of your space may need work, but these three adjustments are a great way to get your time in this new space off to a good start. Check back soon for our next article and three Feng Shui tips for moving to a new apartment.

Ange Cho

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