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Feng Shui for Your New Apartment – Round 3

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That’s why it’s moving! We’ve already covered things like decluttering your space, laying out a bagua, and adding plants, but there are still a few ways you can use feng shui to turn your new apartment into a sacred space. Hang out (mostly) for a while in the bedroom!

balance the bed

Whether you are currently in a relationship or hope to one day be part of a healthy couple, it is important that your bed reflects this. You are telling the universe that there is no space for people to sleep. Instead, place the bed in the middle of the space and do your best to have even space on both sides. If you choose a nightstand, place one of similar size on the other side of your bed. You can know that

Avoiding EMFs in the Bedroom

Today we are surrounded by technology. Some of us use it nearly every minute, and many of us use our phones as alarm clocks. We recommend that you Over time, the radiation emitted by EMF (electromagnetic force) can cause health problems such as fatigue, excess stress. A bedroom should be a relaxing place. If possible, keep your TV, laptop, and cell phone in another room. If you need your phone nearby for work or as an alarm clock (get a battery-powered one!), aim to place your phone at least 5 feet away from your head.

hang art at eye level

There are both practical and feng shui reasons why you might want to hang art at eye level in your bedroom or elsewhere. For obvious design reasons, hanging your art at eye level allows your eyes to rest and view the art comfortably without having to lift or tilt your head. In Feng Shui, hanging a work of art too low can lower your energy and the energy of the space. Here are some tips for successfully hanging art in your new location.

I’ve shared some tips on very basic feng shui adjustments for moving into a new apartment and creating an overall space. Of course, each space and the people in it are personal. If you are interested in them, feng shui professional As for specific services, these tips are definitely a good place to start!

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