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Feng Shui Flying Stars 2023 Cure and Remedy In Rabbit Year

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In 2023, one of the most ominous flying stars, Unlucky Star No. 5 (earth element) flew to the northwest of the house (gold element). energy. However, the energy from elemental gold helped minimize the negative energy of this star, but don’t underestimate the five yellows.

Therefore, do not place items belonging to the Fire element in this sector to further boost the energy. Examples include red crystal ball, red carpet, etc.

A white, gold carpet or curtain can be placed in this area to cushion star #5, just as it cushions the annual flying star #2. You can also use items with metal elements such as trophies and metal music boxes to further minimize the effects of negative energy.

It is better to avoid moving objects such as aquascapes and plants. Again, that’s because they can cause and activate negative energy.

north west main door – Increased chance of injury in family accidents. Therefore, be especially careful with pregnant women.

north west bedroom ・Unexpected things happen due to bad luck. Therefore, you may face many obstacles and challenges in achieving your goals.

north west bathroom – It is good to pay particular attention to your health, especially your bladder. Remember to seek professional medical attention early. Always keep the toilet door closed when not in use.

Kitchen at Northwest – Amplifies the unfavorable energies of this planet and causes health problems for those living together. Pay particular attention to food hygiene to minimize the chance of food poisoning and indigestion.

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