Whether we are talking about mood disorders, personality disorders, or outright mental illnessclassical feng shui can often predict when a person will succumb to these problems based on calculating the energy of their personal space.

Not bad feng shui cause These problems can certainly be triggered or exacerbated, predisposition for various mental illnesses. What has amazed me over the years is the fact that feng shui can be so specific or even nuanced.

By comparison, there are no ancient feng shui texts describing the environment that could cause AIDS, which emerged in the 1980s. However, there are always situations where you can foresee that a resident may have a blood-related problem, an autoimmune disease, or even a sexually transmitted disease. I haven’t figured out how specific or predictive it is yet.This is just an example.

Nor are there ancient Feng Shui manuals describing the various personality disorders and mental illnesses that plague millions of people. There is an energy that symbolizes the “head”, which can indicate the literal head, brain, or skull, but also indicates the spirit.I had to dig a little deeper and discover my own modern interpretation of these ancient formulas. In Feng Shui classes, resident specific and very vanity and self-absorbedOther attributes may include people who are not close to their family and are more prone to addictive behaviors. The description usually ends there. But what I have described is just one symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This doesn’t mean that everyone who is conceited is a narcissist, but it can certainly head in that direction when other factors collide.

Similarly, there are certain house types that pair energies associated with sadness and depression alongside anger, rebellion, and accidents.this is easy An environment that attracts or provokes those prone to bipolar disorder, or at least more extreme mood swings.

There are feng shui texts that describe situations of “insane”, but they do not elaborate or qualify whether they refer to schizophrenia or other psychotic behavior. Those in the know may also know that people often suffer from overlapping dysfunctions. This is what makes diagnosing and treating mental illness so difficult, as there are many variations in the complex human psyche. Feng Shui can identify some of these tendencies, symptoms, or behaviors and help people avoid the types of homes that make them even more predisposed to these diseases. Many of these attributes of the home that can affect the behavior are not entirely trivial and must be calculated. hand.

As with other problems indicated by feng shui analysis, remedies to remedy the situation can be summarized as follows: change the room Use organic elements (metal, wood, fire, earth, water, etc.) or change the yin-yang relationship in space. Finally, there are some spaces that cannot be fixed and are best avoided entirely. Inconvenient, but always has the power to move when space can’t be fixed.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®

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