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Favorite Things Friday : Tips for Fresh Florals, Custom Paint Colors, Spring Decor Inspiration & 20 top products from the last two weeks!

by Contributing Author

Well, there’s a lot going on on the farm, in the store, and in life in general. We’re slowly reviving some of our favorite elements of the Liz Marie blog, and Favorite Things Friday is back (again). What’s your favorite thing about Fridays? Gathering blog posts from the week or the last two weeks in one place, spotlighting some of the content, adding to it, the cozy little things I love now We’re sharing it all! So without further ado, let’s get into this lovely weekly roundup.

Discovering Spring from the Pink Horn

Spring is going to be a big theme in the coming weeks… I mean, it’s the time of the season, and the more we share, the quicker it feels, right? I’ve come across other early spring decorations. Check out this little shop. I always love going to whimsical celebrations like Easter. If you have a child, we think he will love adding some items to his basket this Easter.

5 tips to keep fresh flowers happy

Fresh flowers may be a common house guest as spring knocks on the door or even welcomes some of my Southern readers. Share your favorite tips! (click here)

custom paint colors

We have started a very new series on social media and blogs. With this series, we’ve taken our love and appreciation for vintage and antique pieces a step further by capturing colors and providing custom color codes. By popular request, we started with two of her most commonly heard colors: Vintage Her Cabinets in the Laundry Room and Mora Clock. We try to provide custom color codes to get the exact same color mixtures as well as very similar established colors from all popular paint brands Click here to find the color code for vintage her cabinets in the laundry room. Also, click here to see custom code for Mora clocks. This week we re-added to the series with color matching cute little green apothecary cabinets that you can see here (link).

Weekly scroll stopper

Scroll Stopper is a way to capture my recent inspirations and items that completely shocked me (in a good way). All images and content from other accounts on Instagram. Check out these cozy florals that I’m just in love with & I think you’ll love too! We’ve got two weeks’ worth of her blog covered, so her second Weekly Scroll Stopper we’ve shared is to find 7 of her Cozy Flat Lays to stop scrolling and inspire you. rice field. See here (link) for details.

Laundry room refresh

We made some subtle changes to the laundry room. I wanted a more vintage or antique space, so I removed the top and bottom cabinets to create a separate space. Loved the vintage sconce moved over the new washer and dryer. Please let us know what you think. For more information, please visit our blog here.

Discovering Pottery Barn Springs

I can’t wait for spring. I’ve curated a cozy little list of my favorite Pottery Barn Spring Finds to help blow away those winter blues. Check out what I love here (link).

Current Favorite Top 10 x2

Through DMs, comments, social media posts, and blog posts, we share links each week to the products we use, get, love, and everything in between. . This week’s (link) and last week’s (link) top 1o current favorites are:

35+ cozy cottage floor cushions, bedrooms and dog beds

This week’s coziest post is… 35+ cozy cottage floor cushions, bed rolls and dog beds. I love to store floor cushions and bedrolls in drawers, stack them in cabinets, and sometimes use them as part of my everyday design. They offer additional settings for larger gatherings, great lounging spots for weekend movie nights, and just another place to sit. See Cottage Floor Cushions, Bedrolls, and Dog Beds.

We’re traveling to Disney next week, so I’ve put together a full list of my favorite “travel must-haves” [HERE] & I hope it helps you travel soon or want some aesthetically pleasing items for every day!

It’s Friday! Heading into the week, I hope you’ve found some form of inspiration for this week’s blog post. Thank you very much for visiting my blog today. Next week we step off the farm for a quick birthday trip to Disney! Stay tuned! Once again, please have a comfortable stay.

xx Liz Marie

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