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Essential Foods to Boost Gut Health

by Contributing Author

“Your gut is your second brain” – This statement sounds exaggerated, but it’s actually true. But you must have come across the phrase “butterfly in your stomach” quite often. Now what does this phrase mean? Talk about how you feel when you’re nervous. This tension signal is sent from the brain to the gut.

So what does this indicate? Simply put, there is a connection between the brain and the gut. What happens in the brain can affect the gut and vice versa. And this teaches us the importance of gut health. Because if your gut isn’t in top health, your brain will suffer.

An unhealthy gut not only causes a variety of digestive ailments, but it also leads to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. These drugs are temporary solutions. Instead, what we have to do is look for healthy, sustainable ways to maintain gut health. The only way is to include healthy, gut-friendly foods in your diet.

Here are some of the best foods to help maintain optimal gut health.


A breakfast staple around the world, oats do wonders for gut health. This is mainly because oats, a type of soluble fiber, contain beta-glucan.Unlike tougher fiber, soluble fiber is easier for our bodies to digest. It forms a gel-like substance that helps remove it. Beta glucan also helps stabilize blood sugar levels and maintain energy levels longer.


Bananas are rich in prebiotics that promote the production of healthy bacteria in your gut. It is a go-to food if you suffer from digestive ailments such as diarrhea or constipation. The discomfort caused by these ailments is instantly relieved by bananas, instantly boosting overall health of mind and body.


These tangy-sweet fruits are packed with soluble fiber, vitamin C, and prebiotics. Thanks to their impressive nutritional profile, berries can help combat intestinal inflammation and related symptoms. Whether it’s in fruit salads, smoothies, or other desserts, berries are a great addition to your diet.


Yogurt is a powerhouse of probiotics and one of the best (and most recommended) foods to boost gut health. The probiotics in yogurt contain live microorganisms to keep your gut happy and healthy. Yogurt is the perfect remedy for the simplest digestive ailments such as bloating. Even with more complex ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome and lingering constipation, yogurt works wonders.

green leafy vegetables

In addition to being rich in essential vitamins and minerals, leafy green vegetables contain fiber. You should try to include a lot of Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and broccoli contain gut-friendly nutrients, making them great for promoting gut health.


Well, water had to be on this list! Drink plenty of water because your body needs it to keep functioning optimally. The intestine is one of them. Water also aids in better absorption of gut-friendly nutrients and helps keep your gut clean and toxin-free.


The best thing about all the foods above is that they are very easy to incorporate into your diet. If you are, try adding these foods in moderation at least twice. . Good luck, or you should say “gut luck” by paying more attention to the foods you consume!

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