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Episode 199: Essential Mountain Feng Shui and Support

by Contributing Author

There is one image that supports you in your work and represents wealth, resources, strength and support. The image is a mountain. Mountains, whether realistic images such as the Rocky Mountains or the Himalayas, or symbolic images such as folding screens, all support feng shui. This is an important concept in feng shui. Because without support, you will feel like you are struggling and rolling over rocks and mountains.

support from behind

The idea of ​​being supported makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Sitting in a chair all day makes my back hurt. But a comfortable, high-back office chair can help you stay supported and work longer and more effectively at work.

The same applies to your home.

The support behind the house symbolizes the black turtle. Black turtles support your life and home, bring vitality and longevity, and help protect you from unpleasant surprises and misfortunes. It supports your home in the same way that the tall back of an executive chair supports your home.

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