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Easy Handmade Clay Mushroom Ornaments You Can DIY

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As you can see from some of my other posts, mushrooms seem to be everywhere…along with gnomes, they’re one of the hottest trends this year.I have always loved mushrooms and a few years ago I shared a mushroom DIY Easy Handmade Clay Mushroom Ornaments in my book Christmas creatively. They add a touch of whimsy and magic. I thought it was the perfect time to share that tutorial here. Because mushrooms of all shapes and sizes are just cute things to hang on holiday decorations and Christmas trees.

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To make your own clay mushroom ornament you will need some ingredients: Air-dried clay, red, tan, and white paints, glitter, paintbrushes, white craft glue, string or ribbon.You can do it Find all supplies here. You can also use the mushroom-making technique to make polymer clay mushrooms to add to your fairy garden or terrarium.

Start making mushrooms with naturally dried clay

Mushroom making begins by molding the stem and cap out of air-dried clay. For the tops of the mushrooms, make a ball out of clay, flatten one side and round the other, and finish the oyu into a slightly flattened circle. To make the stem, roll it out into a long cylinder and curl one end slightly so that one end tapers.

Clay mushroom cap and bottom

On the flat part (underside) of the mushroom cap, use the end of a paintbrush while the clay is still wet to create an indentation where the thin end of the mushroom stem can sit when the clay is completely dry. Clay may take up to 24 hours to dry before painting.

Using Christmas mushrooms in holiday decorations is an old German tradition that means good luck.

Glue the top and bottom of the mushroom cap

Once the top and bottom are dry, glue them together. I think this works better than trying to mold the mushrooms into one piece. White craft glue works better than hot glue and is much easier to topcoat. Once the glue is dry, the mushrooms are ready to be painted. The top is red and the bottom is light tan, but there are plenty of color variations, so feel free to arrange them however you like!

Paint the mushroom top and bottom

Once the acrylic paint is dry, it’s a perfect time to add a little eye hook on top. The clay is soft, so you can easily twist it by just screwing it in. For extra strength, use your hands to apply a few drops of white craft glue to the threads.

Tip: To add air-dried clay mushrooms to other types of decor, omit the eye hooks and use toothpicks for the base. They can be placed in dry floral foam or other dry arrangements.

Add paint dots on the mushroom cap with the tip of an eraser

To add the typical “forest mushroom” look, I added a few drops of white craft glue on top to create dots. understood. Once the top is dry, give it a little sparkle. Brush the glue around the bottom of the stem with a paintbrush and sprinkle glitter all over the bottom for a little sparkle.

Dip mushroom roots in glitter

After the glitter dries, shake off the excess glitter. You can hang mushrooms from cute ribbons or twin pieces by creating a loop with a knot at the top and hanging it on the tree. You can make some!

Handmade clay mushrooms for Christmas ornaments

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