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Easy DIY Floating Frame for Artwork

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Floating framed art is beautiful and very trendy, but it can be very expensive. I’ll show you a super easy trick to frame your artwork in an easy DIY floating frame for your artwork without cutting trees, sawing, and very little measuring. The best part is that it costs less than $10 to have your artwork framed and can be personalized and made to look custom! You can watch a video showing the whole (easy) process in this post. You can! This is probably the easiest DIY frame tutorial!

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I recently did some work on a wooden cradle panel (basically a poplar or birch canvas) and a flat canvas. While painting on the wood panel, I noticed that the back of the cradleboard was open and had no corner braces, resembling the inside of a floating frame when flipped on the back.

wood panel cradle board for floating frame

With the 8×10 cradle panel on the back, I found that the 5×7 wood cradle panel fit just fine. It was a great AHA moment and an easy floating frame! Click here for the wooden cradle board.

The size of your canvas determines the size of the panel board you choose

We recommend choosing one size up to suit your project. If you have 5×7 art, use 8×10. 8 x 10 uses 11 x 14, 11 x 14, 16 x 20, etc. Wooden cradleboards can be costly when large, so this is great for small artwork. Very large works can be framed with pieces of wood using this technique.

Paint the inside of the back of the cradle

I painted the inside of the back side of the canvas black and left the natural wood “frame piece” of the outer frame to make the artwork pop, but the edges of the frame can also be dyed any color you want. , add artwork.

paint on the inside of the frame

Using a flat panel canvas makes your artwork look more like an inset frame

To frame the canvas panel, I added glue to the back of the flat panel canvas, pressed it in place and let it dry.

Apply glue to the back of the flat panel canvas
Place a flat panel canvas inside a frame

To create a raised artwork look instead of a flat panel, you can use a regular canvas or another small cradle board canvas.

If using a raised canvas, paint (or stain) the sides of the canvas the same color as the back of the frame.Glue the canvas in place

Add glue to the back of the wood panel board
Add glue across the back of the panel

The final step is to add glue to the back of the piece of wood artwork, then press the canvas art inside the panel and leave it flat until it dries completely.

Flip the canvas over, apply glue, and press into the frame

Add hanging metal fittings to the back (old front) of the cradle board for display! DIY wood frame for an ultra modern and custom look.

DIY floating frame artwork
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