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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids! 2023

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Easter is his one of my favorite holidays. The nostalgia of waking up and seeing what the Easter Bunnies have put in our baskets and running around the garden looking for eggs is incomparable. I think I’ve come to love this holiday.It’s a one-off day with minimal prep and cleanup. But most of the time, I love the days we can spend as a family on purpose, so I love it.Normally, I keep my Easter basket ideas to a minimum, and each basket has one or his puts in two things. We’ll stay away from candy, but believe we’ll find a few plastic eggs with candy hidden around the garden. We look forward to a deliciously cooked Easter family dinner.

If you’re looking for Easter basket ideas, here are plenty of options for kids of all ages. If you have the budget, I think you’ll find something here that kids will actually love to use.

easter basket ideas

Easter basket ideas

Shop Easter Basket Ideas

Squishmallows are all the rage right now. These collectibles are soft and fluffy like marshmallows, and that’s all my kids want these days.

I’ve seen these water bottles everywhere! Recently, I cleared out my unused kitchen items and realized my kids needed quality water bottles!

This year I put this stunning book in one of my girls Easter baskets. It is full of Picasso’s delicately drawn bird and animal paintings.

Easter is the perfect excuse to gift them anything they might need as the weather starts to warm up.

Like I said, it’s time to get ready for the warmer months, so slip in this classy checkered beach towel and get ready for summer!

Greta was doing these gem-by-numbers and she was into it and I could barely get her out of her room! Perfect for yourself. Please note that satisfaction is high!

The cuteness of this crochet bag is irresistible. It’s retro, colorful and what young people want these days.

These pool floats come in several colors and are our favorite way to lounge around the pool.

Nine times out of ten, Fay will ask for a surprise ball. That anticipation and surprise is better than what’s inside.

The only thing cuter than a denim cap is a little kid wearing a denim cap.

One thing we’re used to in North Carolina is that we need to keep an umbrella handy. I bought an adult size one for Greta and it’s so cute.

The cutest spring swimsuit.

I’ve never seen a child who doesn’t like soap bubbles!

If your kids want something a little more luxurious to play outside with, this is the scooter. Polly loves to scooter down the driveway whenever she gets the chance.

I thought this game was so cute, so I hope you pick it up and it becomes your new favorite!

I love to read to my girls before bed to make them feel better and to tears. This seems to work.

If you’re looking for an Easter basket, I can help. This is the cutest Easter basket curation I have found! Happy Easter!

easter basket

buy an easter basket

1. felt bunny bucket $29
2. Wicker with scalloped liner $59
3. wire easter basket $14
Four. rabbit ears woven basket $18
Five. bunny woven straw bag $48
6. June Volga Basket $32
7. embroidered hyacinth basket $14
8. monogram bow $50
9. felt fox easter basket $29
Ten. Check out the Easter Liner $20
11. rabbit ears woven basket $14
12. gingham liner basket $59

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