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Drinking "Party Water" Finally Fixed My Perpetual Dehydration Problem

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I absolutely hate hydration.the average person drink a few glasses of water It’s per day, but if you get 4 glasses, you’re lucky.Before you come see me in the comments, I know This is a problem.Finally, hydration treasure trove of benefits Increased physical performance, improved brain function, much-needed boost of energy, and more. It’s not that I don’t want all of this, but when I’m working on a never-ending to-do list, I just… well slip through the cracks. Suffice it to say that I’m trying to redefine my hydration landscape – and I feel like I’m not the only one here. I often hear that it’s not, it tastes bad, or it’s easily forgotten.” Olive branch nutrition.

I’ve tried many tricks to increase my H2O consumption, including buying a water bottle as big as my head, but one of my favorites is the simplest It’s a thing. Pour water into the barware. (This is a trick I affectionately call “party water.”) TRUE Good times, I stick an umbrella straw into my usual glass. Suddenly consuming water didn’t feel like this mundane task I usually do. should do it Do but don’t; it’s a small luxury obtain do. (Like going to a party, if you will.) And unlike my reusable water bottle, which often lies at my feet and is often forgotten and untouched, my party water is It’s on my desk so I never miss a sip.

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I know the term “party water” sounds a bit silly, but it certainly could have sparked a lot of questionable glances during Zoom calls, but research suggests otherwise. It has been.

“Vision has a big impact on our eating habits because we often look at food before we taste it,” explains Wengler. “Research shows that the visual appearance and presentation of food and drink influences how we perceive and taste them.” people tend to like beautiful food and drink. “Presentation may not seem important, but for many people, increasing the novelty of food and drink can increase consumption,” Malone adds.

Choosing the best container for your party water is all about figuring out what’s important. actual Holds most H2O. (I love a classy coupe as much as anyone else, but pints and Olivia Pope-sized wine glasses allow for more generous pours.) It’s just as satisfying in the warmer months.”

Don’t worry about it. There are so many other ways to liven up a party besides fancy drinkware. For example, Malone recommends picking up a conversation starter ice mold online. “You can also add things like cucumbers, lemons, edible flowers, and berries,” she adds. , you can get a fresh taste.

Well, what if we could all raise our glasses (flashy or not) and toast to a better, more hydrated day? Cheers!

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