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Dress Your Tech: Blue Irises

by Contributing Author

Now, before I show you the magic of this beautiful blue iris wallpaper… I’d like to give you a quick introduction to someone.

If you’ve followed me for some time, you may know that my wonderfully talented friend Jess has been helping me behind the scenes for years… can’t believe it A monthly hand-drawn desktop wallpaper. She recently decided to quit her job to focus on her art full-time, and it’s not too much of a stretch for her to say I’m excited for her.I’ll miss her so much but I can’t hang on to see what she does next. She was an essential cog in her Lark & ​​Linen machine. badly Missed. But I know she’s destined for really big things.

since then i asked myself equally talented friend Sara Step in and help Jess get a very big job, but I don’t have one suspicion She is more than adequately prepared. Sarah really is a jack of all trades and I’ve always felt lucky to have her in my corner. She is a wonderful artist, illustrator, photographer, gardener, mother and a true creator deep down in her heart. Our lives have intersected many times over the years in many strange ways. A short story from one point in high school. Then again, when we went to the same university (albeit in a different direction).And solidified through blogland (and beyond) – it honestly seemed as though we were meaning Being in each other’s lives. And while we’ve been very good friends over the years now, constantly bouncing ideas off each other in different capacities, we’ve never worked together in any formal way yet. But it’s finally time to change that!

Sarah will be taking over Jess’ monthly desktop wallpaper downloads…and if this month’s hand-painted iris is any indication, so be it TRUE For a reward. I already updated my desktop wallpaper for the month. We encourage you to get your own wallpapers (for free) below.If you haven’t followed Sarah yet, I encourage you to do so here it isI am truly grateful to be surrounded by (and supported by) people like this. wonderful Woman – the talent is just beyond and we are honored to have her work featured here.


blue iris wallpaper:

{Large} {Small} {Mobile 1} {Mobile 2}

Download wallpapers from past months here | Copy, Design, Artwork: Sarah Conyer

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