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Do Clothes Make the Feng Shui Man? By Kartar Diamond

by Contributing Author

What inspired this article was probably the 100th time I was asked what color should people wear, based on their “Ming Gua” or personal trigrams. This is the feng shui equivalent of wearing certain colors based on your zodiac sign. In a nutshell, the ideal color allocation to wear based on your birth year is too superficial to be taken seriously.

How did this concept come about? Other astrology systems can calculate an individual’s entire date of birth, revealing how some areas are missing or deficient in that person’s chart. The concept is that wearing certain colors can enhance or fill gaps in order to enhance health, chances of success and a positive mindset.

In Vedic astrology, you can wear certain gemstones to enhance your constitutional health. For example, I was advised to wear a garnet on Monday (the day ruled by the moon). Some of these are just fun to know, but I always urge myself not to be a strict jacket that restricts myself in ways that these suggestions don’t affect my health or personality that much. I say this as someone who wore all-white clothes for 16 years and was naively persuaded by a yogi who said it strengthened my aura.

In Feng Shui, each person is assigned a personal hexagram based on the year of birth, and the hexagram is associated with an element. That element is associated with color among many other attributes, and people most often get the false impression that they should wear that particular color. may think that you should wear red. A “water” person might think that they should wear blue or black. the actual mixture of elements in which we all existnot just one.

Another interpretation of this erroneous concept is that we should wear colors that reinforce the elements associated with our personal trigram. This is a misrepresentation of the Five Elements Theory, but it goes something like this: If a person is of the metal element and earth strengthens the metal, then that person should wear the color of the earth as a catalyst. , not necessarily suitable for your wardrobe.

In general, people are always looking for ways to lead or outperform their competitors. People are looking outside themselves for ways to improve their living conditions for health, love and financial gain. I believe that a holistic approach is best and that it is best to utilize the available tools in a multifaceted approach. ) only when I see feng shui used or perceived in a more pretentious way that deviates significantly from the way it is supposed to apply. If I wanted to be Feng Shui Wolfgang Puck, I could have created a “Feng Shui Frozen Food Line”, but that would be grossly misleading and distracting from what real Feng Shui really has to offer. Don’t agree to rigid mandates about what colors to wear. Most people like color and if it makes them feel good, it can support their immune system and self-confidence. .

Author: Carter Diamond

Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®

From the Feng Shui Myths and Misinformation blog series

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