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DIY Tablecloth Curtains – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Curtains

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I’ve been looking for curtains for the back living room for a long time and it really seemed like an impossible task. .Everything I found was either not in the color palette, too tall, or not tall enough andersen french I had to get creative and fell in love with this space even more than before…

After searching for a very long time, I realized that I couldn’t find what I love. It took me a while to think about When the idea resurfaced, I started looking for my favorite tablecloth. I found it [THESE] in the pottery barn And soon I knew they made beautiful block print curtains. Curtain Rod & Curtain Ring Clip [HERE] And they all eagerly awaited their arrival to make our back living room cozy.

DIY tablecloth curtains are very easy to make. Simply clip the ring at the top of the tablecloth and hang it on the curtain rod. You can “hem” the length of the curtain by folding the fabric and snipping it to make it shorter. Even fabric per yard can be very expensive, so $70 for curtain panels that are already hemmed is a great option. Cross curtains have always been my favourite.

you can see Other sources of room [HERE]. Have you used this method before? We hope this helps anyone looking for a cozy curtain option that won’t break the bank and will elevate your space in a unique way.Today and every day. Thank you for visiting my blog. xx

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