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DIY Stone Rabbits – Cozy Cottage Spring Decor

by Contributing Author

I’ve used this technique for years, and it’s fun to take it to a smaller scale and use it to create imitation stone finishes on recycled items. I found some very cheap and brightly painted rabbits in , and when I saw them, I wanted to turn them into a cozy cottage, so I took them home, and today Coop and I are with Mom. Transformed me a little into bunnies that even a 4-year-old can easily do…

I wanted the rabbit to have a stone-like finish, so It’s similar to [these rabbits from pottery barn] But it’s a bright tone, so I got my favorite paint color [you can use a grayish or stone like paint color] & some white wax. Apply a quick coat of paint, when dry, apply a coat of white wax and wipe off the wax. I had a few DIY stone rabbits to match my cozy cottage spring decor here on the farm.

used [this paint here in my diy folder] Algonquin color and [white or liming wax here] For the rabbits, and I love how they turned out! I quickly styled them here to share with you, but you’ll see them in other looks around the house. , I only did one here to show you the DIY.You can watch my video tutorial Instagram [HERE].

Thank you for visiting my blog every day.See more spring decorations [HERE].xx

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