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DIY Simple Moss Wreath – Cozy Cottage Spring Decor

by Contributing Author

I’m back today with a very simple spring craft. It’s pretty easy, so I don’t need to explain much, but if you want crafting visuals, video tutorial for it [HERE].

Everything I used for this DIY simple moss wreath can find [HERE] in my DIY folderAll I used was reindeer craft moss, grape vine wreaths, and hot glue. You can add more or less moss and even add different types of moss. You can add fake eggs, feathers, nests, etc, but lately I’ve been wanting a simpler wreath, so this is perfect for me. By the way, those rabbits are another fun simple DIY I did this week was. [HERE].

I love using moss in any season, but using moss in spring is exceptional. Moss adds a lot of life to a space and is a fun way to add cozy texture to any vignette.You can see another spring moss project I did [HERE] It’s also very simple.

Thank you for visiting my blog every day!See more spring decorations and inspiration [HERE].xx

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