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DIY Hanging Snow Globe Ornaments

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Jennifer Zuri town and country life I’m a regular contributor to Jennifer Rizzo’s blog here. I love coming up with easy Christmas decorating ideas, so today I’m sharing her DIY hanging snow globe ornaments that are amazingly easy to make and look so pretty!Crafts for the holiday season It’s never too early to start. There are so many options for making these, you can even make and customize them with glass or plastic ornaments!


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You’ve probably seen snow globes made out of mason jars, but these are made out of suspended glass terrariums (you can use the snow globe ornaments pictured or the plastic stuffing ornaments). can also be done). Various supplies for this project can be found here.

Materials for making snow globe ornaments

You can find hanging globe terrariums at craft stores or buy them online. When making DIY hanging snow globes, I put the gloves in a small bowl for stability, especially if the bottom is not flat.

Terrarium hanging with artificial snow

For snow, fill your hanging terrarium with Epsom, Kosher Alt, or fake snow purchased at the craft store. You can also add white glitter to make it sparkle!

DIY hanging snow globe

Start placing mini decorations in the snow on your DIY snow globe ornament. If the opening of the ornament is difficult to reach, you can use small tongs or tweezers to place a mini bottle brush, his tree, etc. If your item is so heavy that it falls over, you can apply a little hot glue and a hot glue gun to the bottom to hold it in place, then add artificial snow.

Place the DIY-Hanging-Snow-Globe ornament in a bowl to rest

Continue adding items to the snow globe until you get the look you want.One to three items is the perfect amount so you don’t feel overwhelmed. increase.

Clear and small vintage ornaments

You don’t have to use only minifigures. This DIY hanging snow globe only comes with 3 ornaments. I also used a few drops of hot glue to attach the fake boxwood on top with pine cones.

Tip: When making DIY hanging globe ornaments, look at dollhouse aisles and Christmas village aisles and put cute miniatures inside.

Vintage ornaments in a snow globe terrarium ornament

It’s also great for displaying small keepsakes or vintage ornaments that you wouldn’t want to display on its own. They really stand out against the snow-white blanket. It’s so much fun choosing how to decorate your hanging snow globe and choosing beautiful and simple DIY Christmas ornaments.

Snowman in a hanging snow globe Christmas ornament

The possibilities are almost endless. I think this little snowball ball with white trees is my favorite!

hanging snowman

A mini tree of tiny white frosty bottle brushes is a lovely decoration to create a winter wonderland.

Hanging Globe with Snow and Battery Operated Votive Candle 1

Another idea for these DIY hanging snow globes is to add battery-powered tealight candles in the artificial snow. For your safety, use flameless style candles instead of real candles. Hang these snow globes around your home or group them together on your Christmas tree. If you love making quick and easy things around Christmas time, you’ll enjoy making these cute ornaments.


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