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DIY Faux Topiary

by Contributing Author

At this time of year, we all look forward to the time when we sow the seeds, plant the seedlings, do all the greenhouses and gardening. If you’re anything like me, late winter/early spring ambitions can sometimes get the best of you. And the amount of care can be a considerable amount of work each day.

Take those moments of TLC off the plate with some fake stems and plants. If you’ve never bought fake stems, plants, or topiaries, finding quality ones that match your look can be difficult. That means you don’t want the blue paper leaves and overly dramatic colors of the early ’90s. It’s a low-key look, and it’s uncomfortable for me.

Moss Ball Topiary DIY by Liz Marie

Well, today I’m going to show you how to make a very friendly, affordable, and super cute DIY fake topiary. Let’s get into the supplies, tools, and step-by-step process we went through to make this DIY fake topiary.


2 times moss ball

1 stick

1 bag reindeer moss

1 solo cup

1 (solo cup value) Plaster of Paris

1 large glue stick

1 terracotta pot

glue gun


Farmer's DIY Moss Ball Vignette

step by step

create a drop-in

Create this DIY drop-in or plaster base so you can place your topiary in a pot or planter. The size of the gypsum base of Paris is entirely up to the creator. A small terracotta gray pot he made to fit easily inside one.

Mix the plaster of Paris according to the directions and proportions and place the stick in the center of the base.There is an option to add weights to the cup to create a heavier base and a taller base intended for outdoor use. It’s a great option for projects and plants. Follow the directions and wait for the drop-in to fully harden.It says 20 minutes.Leave it on for 40 minutes to an hour.

DIY moss ball topiary

pot or planter

I chose a planter before doing the drop-ins. Drop-ins can be smaller than planters or fit perfectly. It’s entirely up to the creator. For this project, I wanted the drop-in to fit perfectly into the terracotta pot and reveal the look of overgrown moss on top.

custom fit

We have a lot of these terracotta pots, so I felt it was okay to hot glue the drop-ins in place for this project. I dripped and put the drop-in in the pot. Place it on a table so that it stands straight up and down before the hot glue hardens.

Then use reindeer moss to moss the top and exposed areas of the drop-in. If you want the moss area to be light, I recommend painting the top of the drop-in black in case the moss moves. or you can see through it. My favorite technique is to lay a bead of hot glue over most of the top that has excess moss.

put a moss ball

Determine the height of the topiary and arrange the sticks to match that height. Cut off the edge material from the cut end to the height and make a hole in the moss ball. Place the moth ball in place and use a hot glue gun to glue a small stopper around the base of the moth ball to keep it from moving.

What I love about DIY Faux Topiaries is that you can customize the size. I love creating vignettes with different levels of topiary. Usually achieve different decorations for stacked books and different heights. Creating your own allows you to naturally adjust the height to move your eyes in different spaces. I also DIY a different type of topiary with more leafy greens. This is a perfect example of how it can be fully customized. In the past, faux lavender, rosemary, and even lemon have been used.

DIY Basil Topiary by Liz Marie

The entire project takes about an hour and is a really fun little project to bring some greenery into your home. Topiaries are a great way to add texture and utilize height and visual weight to tie a space together.

DIY Topiary by Liz Marie
Leafy DIY Topiary

I hope you enjoy this simple and easy DIY and embrace spring decor and projects like this as much as I do. Thank you very much for visiting my blog today. For those of us here on the farm, it really means the world. Cozy stay.

xx Liz Marie

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