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DIY Faux Floral with Faux Water Centerpiece – Plus 30+ Faux Floral Centerpieces

by Contributing Author

One of my favorite cozy ways when using artificial stems is to add water to the vase if you’re using a clear vase.It just adds the finishing touches to make your flowers look real [I am not one of those] & I love the arrangement with artificial hard water in the bottom. I was. There are many methods you can use to make the ones I’ve listed below, but I just bought a kit from a craft store and I’ve also linked the kit below so you can choose your method.

This is my first try. not bad! ! ! I want to try a lot more, get a little bigger, grander, and more creative.

Some notes:

-I wish I had made a smaller container with the amount they gave.

-Next time, I might get a larger resin bottle kit so I can fill it up as much as I want.

・Thanks to the water kit, I was able to play the arrangement for a long time!

-I love this diy and want to do it again and again. It is very fun!


I Hobby lobby acrylic water kit [which is like the kits shared below] So I followed those instructions on the box you can see in my Instagram [HERE].

With my reel I made about it.It’s super easy, but I mixed it up and made it

Methods you can use (products all linked below):

-Use Elmer’s clear glue and rocks for the bottom of the vase. Place the flowers in a vase filled with Elmer’s clear glue and use stones to support the flowers.

-Use a fake water kit like the one found here.Super easy to use that dries in a day! I’ve linked to some DIY boards here.

– Use a clear resin kit sold at handicraft stores & linked some [HERE] on my DIY board.

-You can also use only real water. If you want to replace the vase, the stem will not get caught in the vase.

-You can also buy ready-made from over 30 fake flower arrangements I have collected on the internet as shown below.

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