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DIY Christmas Village Wreath – DIY Anthropologie Dupe

by Contributing Author

I’m back with my second Anthro Dupe of the season. I’m really excited about this for several reasons. One reason is that the moment he saw Anthro’s $200 wreath of hers, he wanted to recreate it for less. Second, I really thought it was going to fail when I started it a few weeks ago. Lately, it takes time to do something with a toddler. don’t judge. Anyway, I finished it this morning and finally put it together at the last minute. This is Liz’s Marie x White Cottage Farm version of this Reese and includes all whites and neutrals, but if you look at mine you’ll see that you can customize it to your own style…

The lease I wanted to reproduce:

my version:

DIY Wreath in Neutral Colors

Once you find the item you want to use, the DIY wreath becomes an easy DIY.My problem and the reason I thought it didn’t work was because I couldn’t find a suitable home, so I tried painting myself, but I didn’t like it. Target & Found some tiny homes on Dollarspot! It comes in a pack of 2 and costs $3-5 per pack.They had a multicolored house and a neutral house that I chose. I attached it using floral wire and hot glue. bottle brush tree & home to wreaths. I used paint and brushes to flock the wreaths before attaching them. If I wanted the greens to age or clump, I used layers of craft paint and fusion mineral paint. .finished the wreath bottle brush tree Found on Amazon (Link). I just hot glued these and it worked great!

White bottle brush tree in DIY wreath

Find out how to make this your own. Find homes, paint homes, use custom wreaths, add ornaments, use fake snow, and more. You can match your Christmas decorations for less than $200! I love that anthropology wreath and don’t be ashamed of anyone wanting to get one..it’s beautiful!

Natural DIY wreath with wooden house and bottle brush trees

I hope you like this little diy & dupe.i shared another antro dupe [HERE] Last week I made a mushroom candelabra that normally costs around $400 for much less! I hope you enjoy both and make them your own. Thank you for visiting my blog every day. xx

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