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DIY Charging Station in a Nightstand

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Learn how to hide ugly cords and keep your devices charged by building a DIY charging station on your nightstand!

Nightstand drawer with device being charged at charging station

Most of the projects we do around the house happen because something started bothering me. Something is inconvenient or disturbing. Either it’s hard to get to, or it’s just plain ugly. And in the end it annoys me so much that I can’t help but do something about it!

This exact scenario took place on my nightstand recently.

3-drawer nightstand in organized master bedroom

I kept all my frequently used devices in one of the drawers. I had my e-reader, AirPods, FitBit, and left my phone there at night. But it was frustrating because my device didn’t seem to charge when I needed it.

Electronics in the nightstand drawer

There weren’t enough outlets to charge everything at once. Some devices he shared one charging cord so if both were out of battery there was no way to charge them both. And the charger I had was plugged into an extension cord that seemed to clutter the floor.

Messy cords on bedroom floor

I finally decided I had enough and recruited Donny to help me turn the top drawer of my nightstand into a DIY charging station for all my devices.

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How to make a DIY nightstand charging station

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Step 1 – Gather your charging station supplies.

Things necessary

A DIY charging station…

Step 2 – Drill a hole for the power strip cord.

After clearing out the top drawer of the nightstand, I had to find a way to thread the cord through. Power cord So that you can get out from behind the nightstand.

Some nightstands may have a hole already made in the back of the drawer for something like this. You can skip this step.

However, if your nightstand is the same as mine and there is no way for the cord to exit the back of the nightstand, it’s time to break the drill!

I used a cordless drill with a spade drill bit to make a hole in the drawer just big enough for the cord to go through. (Ours was a 1 3/8 inch bit.)

cordless drill with spade bit

The nightstand drawer wasn’t easy to remove, so I left it drilled. If the drawer can be removed, it will definitely make the drill easier to operate.

Nightstand drawer hole for DIY charging station

I was able to approximate the location of the holes in the drawer and made the same size holes in the back of the nightstand itself so the holes would line up.

Hole in back of nightstand for charging station

Step 3 – Install the power strip into the drawer.

Once I had a way to run the cord where I wanted it, I was able to mount the power strip behind the drawer.

used 2 sets scotch velcro fastener Stick it in the drawer of your nightstand, on the back of the power strip.

Velcro fasteners for attaching power strips for charging stations
Velcro closure on back of power strip for nightstand charging station

Then I was able to run the cord through the hole I made and plug the power strip into the extension cord that was plugged into the wall.

Power strip mounted on drawer nightstand for DIY charging station

All the cords fell behind the nightstand and were neatly hidden out of sight.

Note: You need to make sure the cord is long enough to give a little. This allows it to move forwards and backwards when opening and closing the drawer.

Step 4 – Connect your device to the charging station.

With the power strip installed in the drawer and ready to go, plug in your devices. I played around with the placements a bit until I found the one that worked best for me.

Nightstand DIY charging station device

I ended up putting my phone closest to my bed for easy reach. My phone often runs low on battery by the end of the day, so I used a 6ft cable. The long cord makes it easy to reach your phone from your bed while it’s plugged in. When your phone is in the drawer, just coil the cord and everything will be neatly tucked away.

I used short cords for my other devices so they don’t all get tangled and cluttered.

Step 5 – Add bins or trays as needed.

To keep my devices and code tidy, I decided to use small bin Divide your drawers and give each device a designated home. The trash can also helped hide the cords a bit more, giving the drawer an overall cleaner look.

Nightstand charging station with power strip
nightstand drawer charging station

i am mine cricut cutting machine + adhesive vinyl Create a label for each bin. In this post, you can learn how to make self-adhesive vinyl labels.

Labeled Bin for Nightstand DIY Charging Station

(I also added adhesive drawer liners In each of my nightstand drawers to protect the drawers and add a pretty pop of pattern! )

Step 6 – Enjoy your new DIY charging station!

I love that I can charge all my devices in one place. This was a simple project, but it solved a problem that has been bugging me for months!

DIY charging station in nightstand drawer

All my devices are charged and ready to go when I need them. This allowed us to use all our devices more frequently.

DIY Nightstand Charging Station: Frequently Asked Questions

More inspiration for organizing your bedroom

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Nightstand drawer with DIY charging station

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How do you organize and charge your devices? We’d love to hear about your favorite ways in the comments below!

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This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

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