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DIY Bunny and Egg Line Art Wood Canvas Decor Project

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Are you ready to create a really cute Easter project? DIY Bunny and Egg Line Art Wood Canvas Decoration Project Pictured on a wooden cradle board. It’s super cute and can bring out your inner artist and create cute spring or Easter decorations. You can create these as a set or one at a time. Create your own template using the template at the end of the post. You can make larger sizes by sending this to your printer and asking it to be enlarged. There is also a video in this post if you can watch the whole process.

To make this cute Spring and Easter project you will need a few supplies: wood panel canvas (also called wood cradleboard), white puffy paint, white craft paint, brushes, gold craft, cotton swabs.

Draw a rabbit outline with a pencil

To start creating this project, you will need to trace a template or freehand draw a bunny in a wooden cradle. If you don’t know how to transfer a template (image provided below), please refer to this article on transferring images. I used two different sized wooden canvases, 8×10 and 5×7, to make the size difference between the rabbit and egg canvases a bit more interesting.

Outline a pencil drawing with puffy paint to make a DIY bunny and egg line art wood canvas decor project

Once you have fully sketched your image, you can cross over the lines with puffy paint. The nice thing about this is that it comes with a very fine tip, so it makes for very clean and concise lines. This takes 3-hours to dry overnight.

white paint all over

Once the puff paint is completely dry, apply 1-3 coats of white craft paint over the entire canvas and image. It depends on how opaque you want your paint to be. Allow to dry between each coat. Paint the edges at this point, or if you want to keep the natural wood, tape the edges before painting.

Use gold paint to accentuate the puffy paint

Once the white base coat is completely dry, use a cotton swab and a small amount of gold craft paint to carefully trace lines of puff paint. This gives the lineart a slightly raised look and texture.You can use any color you like, but I used gold for a more neutral look.

DIY bunny and egg line art wood canvas decor project with wooden eggs in a paper mache bowl.

Once it’s dry, style the super cute bunny and egg line art! I painted a wooden egg with craft paint and placed it in a fun paper mache bowl (see how to make it here).

Bunny and egg outline template
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