If you’re looking for fresh and delicious Easter recipes, I’ve got you covered! Healthy and satisfying.

easter appetizer

easter salad

easter main dish

easter side

Rabbit bread recipe how to make

This soft and fluffy bunny bread recipe is the perfect way to add a fun and festive touch to your Easter dinner.

Oven-baked asparagus

A sweet brown sugar glaze takes this baked asparagus recipe to the next level.

Roasted honey-crusted carrots in a white baking dish with blue linen in the background

Honey teriyaki carrot

With the natural sweetness of honey-glazed caramelized carrots, this honey-glazed carrot is irresistible for children.

white plate of honey bacon brussels sprouts

Honey bacon Brussels sprouts recipe how to make

The next flavor-filled side dish is here. Combine fresh, healthy Brussels sprouts, crispy chopped bacon, and crunchy, sweet cranberries for a veggie side kids love. Seconds please!

homemade rolls

These soft, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth dinner rolls are better than anything you can buy at the bakery. Our simple recipe provides even the novice baker with the perfect roll that will be the star of every dinner table.

Mashed potatoes with butter on a white plate

sweet potato mashed potatoes

The mashed potatoes are creamy, naturally sweet and taste like dessert. It’s great enough to accompany Thanksgiving dinner, but simple enough for a weekday meal side.

Easter dessert

Looking for Easter basket ideas??

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