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Decorating With Dark Walls – How To Make It Work Brilliantly

by Contributing Author

Learn the secrets and tricks of decorating with dark walls – because dark walls are a great choice for any space!

When it comes to interior design, I’ve always loved darker palettes and have started using them more and more over the years.

My husband looked at me very strangely when I mentioned that I wanted to paint the living room and kitchen units black, but now he knows how well it works and is fully on board. increase!

I often saw this resistance in my interior design clients when I suggested something other than pale colors for the walls. In fact, some of them called me and said they had no idea when the paint was first applied to the walls. And once it was fully decorated and furnished, they were so grateful they took the plunge.

So are you ready to see the dark wall project?

I’m sharing them today in the hope that you’ll find some courage in your color choices.

We’ll also talk about some things that might surprise you about how dark colors work well in most rooms.

Shall we begin…

Pros and cons of using dark walls in your home

When you think of decorating, I’m sure you always want to create a room that’s spacious and bright.Well – because they might shock you that they’re perfect…

5 reasons to use dark walls when decorating

#1 – Dark colors make it Hard to see where the wall endsIt makes the room feel larger than it actually is.

#2 – dark colors reduce shadows On the wall than bright paint colors

#3 – Dark colors are Great for introducing the characteristics of the era Inside the house – especially the fireplace and picture rail

#4 – Dark colors are Great backdrop for art/mirrors etc…

#5 – Dark colors are hide the tv Better than a light wall – the TV tends to be a big black rectangle in the corner of the room – but a dark wall behind it blends in better

But not all is good. Don’t get me wrong…

3 Reasons to Avoid Using Dark Walls

Even in the dark it may not work. I don’t want to advertise the wrong thing for your home, so I’d like to list what I can think of. Then it’s up to you to decide!

#1 – If you have a modern home with no covings or picture rails, dark wall colors against light ceiling colors may look too grainy.Here are some examples of how this works .

#2 – If you have a lot of dark furniture and accessories – they blend in too well and you can’t see them

#3 – If your room lacks natural light, you may have too many dark colors.

Darkness can be a really scary prospect When it comes to painting a single wall, let alone everything in the space, the paintings speak thousands of words as they say…be inspired (hopefully!)

Inspiration for decorating with dark walls

#1 – Dark walls in the family room

Luckily, my husband trusted me completely with choosing paint for the family room, but I had to take another look at the colors when I showed him the samples!

Dark Walls in Family Room - Little Green Paint Company Purple Brown Color - Dark Paint Interior Design Home Style Ideas

Paint obtained from Little Greene Paint Company – purple brown number 8 – Can be purchased directly or from designer paint

This room has a very nice feel to it, a nice showcase for the painted walls and white furniture, but the large brown sofa blends into the background so it doesn’t look too impressive.

#2 – Dark Walls in the Bedroom – Gray Wallpaper

The deep gray also has metallic tones in the pattern, which helps brighten it up quite a bit (and looks nice in the sun), and the bed and shutters light up the whole room:-

Dark Gray Wallpaper On Master Bedroom Wall - Interior Design - Home Styling - Wallpaper By John Louis Burch

Wallpaper supplied by John Lewis – Range of Birch

#3 – Dark Walls in Bedroom – Blue

This was a very recent project I did in the smallest room in my house so at the moment I’m just getting a glimpse!. It’s only natural to think that light colors are best for such a small room But everyone feels that dark blue makes a room feel more spacious.

Small room with dark walls - Dark blue painted wall in bedroom - Interior design - Home styling - Blue wall in bedroom - Deep blue sea of ​​B&Q paint

paint supplier B&Q – Deep Blue Sea (Kitchen paint!)

#4 – Dark Walls in Bedroom – Red

Another project that hasn’t been properly published yet – here’s another glimpse (I’m all for these glimpses today – keep the suspense on!).

The dark aubergine walls look great and look very cozy at night. And have you noticed a departure from the usual white bedding in this room? One set is white and the other is this amazing set I couldn’t resist…

Little Greene paint company Adventurer paint - dark bedroom walls - eggplant walls in the bedroom - interior design - bedroom design

Paint obtained from Little Greene Paint Company – Adventurer 7 – Can be purchased directly or from designer paint

#5 – Dark Walls in Living Room – Black (Front and Back)

Here are before and after photos of our newest dark room in our home – and we used the darkest color of them all!

I think it works very well for several reasons.

#1 – Colors are stopped on picture rails so they won’t overwhelm you even with high ceilings.

#2 – Most of the furniture is white or pale to offset the dark colors and freshen up the space

#3 – Really hides the TV as it seems to blend in with the background. Perfect for rooms where you like to sit back and watch TV but don’t feel overwhelmed by a giant TV in the corner where you can sit and hang out with friends It’s also perfect for rooms where you want to chat.

#6 – Dark Green Home Office Wall

It’s not my color, but it’s the color I really want to use at home. In the home office area, or even in the bathroom (I think it goes great with white sanitary ware).

dark green office wall

What if you find painting dark walls tedious?

Finally, if you’re not confident about painting every wall, why not create one that works?

It has a little effect on you, and it’s a great way to test bodies of water. In this case, a home office created from a simple alcove area.

Black alcove wall behind home office area

Tips: A great idea for a child’s room or home office is to paint black using chalkboard paint. We recently made her daughter’s room her one on the wall and it was a huge hit with her and her friends. As a teenager, it helps her personalize the space, but it’s not permanent.

However, be aware that you can probably get the dark wall bug after completing one wall. I know!


How to make dark wall decor work!

Now you can see how a great decoration with dark walls looks. Think about your own home.

Do you have the perfect room for a makeover?

PS In the meantime, if you need more interior design advice, check out this post on…

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