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Cute Laundry Baskets To Fit With Your Laundry Routine

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I take great pleasure in cleaning my house. It’s true. I have a cleaning service that does a big clean up once a week, but everyday is one of my favorite things about her and sometimes as a reward Chris takes the girls out of the house. Bliss! ! The only exception to this is always laundry. The biggest thorn that has always been by my side – laundry!

So when I embarked on my laundry room renovation, I wanted it to be a place where I could find happiness. I wanted to fall in love with chores. My surroundings definitely influence me, so making the laundry room a place I like to hang out was high on my list. Plenty of storage space, space, light and double the machine.

calacatta gemstone tiles | | harbor gray tile | | wallpaper | | Washing and drying machine | | laundry basket | | cabinet pull | | cabinet knobs | | candlestick | | gold light fixtures | | cabinet (Bagley Maple Cottage)

Since it’s here, I’ve tried every laundry schedule out there. Do each person a different day (I’ve done this for years). But with a double machine, the schedule that works best for me is laundry day and making it an event!

Save some podcasts, light a candle in the laundry room, and make an announcement. Everyone get dressed! ’ I like to do it on Tuesdays. I work from home during the day, which frees up the weekend. I’m in charge of putting the clothes away. It works beautifully and in fact I don’t hate laundry anymore. 🙂

of rolling laundry basket The laundry room was so unbelievable that I was thinking of adding more rooms for the girls so they could walk in and out. They now have lovely baskets in each of their rooms (we have been using them for years!) and they are absolutely beautiful. But they are really heavy. I like that they double as decorations. Now I go to each room with a rolling bin, pick up clothes (I don’t mix girls’ clothes in the laundry, so easy in and out and next) and roll them. Go to the laundry room and come back when you’re done.

laundry basket | | wallpaper | | bed

If you don’t have a rolling bin, we highly recommend incorporating it into your laundry system. Did it make the process, dare I say… fun? fun! We’ve rounded up cute laundry baskets and rolling baskets below! I’m drooling at number 13.

cute laundry basket

1. Foldable X-frame hamper $20
2. rolling triple sorter $35
3. grid laundry hamper $54
Four. round seagrass hamper $59
Five. Greenstell laundry hamper $64
6. Seville Canvas Hamper $69
7. wire laundry basket $74
8. metal storage cart $123
9. curved seaweed basket with lid $126
Ten. workshop wheeled basket $148
11. Steel bushel canvas laundry bin $149
12. Ivory Shagreen Humper $179
13. mobile canvas bin $198
14. scalloped rattan double hamper $388

buy laundry basket

Do you have a laundry system that works for you and your family?

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