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Currently Coveting: Pre-Winter Goodies

by Contributing Author

I have to admit, this pre-winter season might be my favorite of them all.but it is However It’s crisp enough all day long to warrant comfortable knits, wool tucks and fleece (no need to take off all those layers by lunch). Just so. I absolutely prosper In this kind of environment, we have virtual shopping carts to prove it. From wicker trays to velvet chaise longues, here are a few things I have my eye on to get you through this pre-winter season in style, both at home and in your closet.

Design & Pictures: anthology creative studio


1. toddler cardigan | | 2. natural woven tray | | 3. harriet pillow

Four. rosemary mint shampoo | | 5. dried hydrangea stems | | 6. Timmins armchair

7. round ceramic vase | | 8. matchstick holder | | 9. Ultra Mini Pufferfish

Ten. Charlot handwoven rug | | 11. toddler ankle boots | | 12. Bujodi Textile Art

13. infant sherpa jacket | | 14. glass latte bowl | | 15. bubble hoop earrings

16. shawl collar cardigan | | 17. bradley chelsea boots | | 18. ceramic taper holder

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Design & Pictures: anthology creative studio

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