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Currently Coveting: A Grown Up Christmas List

by Contributing Author

We were so focused on the renovation that I really wasn’t buying much for myself Moon. So, for the first time in years, I have quite a few things on my holiday wish list. I still enjoy putting together a slightly grown-up Christmas list just for you. My focus is on finishing the kitchen with cute little details, little woo-woos thrown in for good measure, and everything that’s comfortable and cozy. (I used to have a pair these pajamas Lost your bottoms somehow? This is squashed.They were my favorite pajamas and the most comfortable in my drawer. recommended). Here’s what I have my eye on right now….

Design & Pictures: Tessa Foley interior


1. charcoal tea towel | | 2. gray striped tea towel | | 3. pointel tee

Four. cast iron pot | | 5. Half Baked Harvest Cookbook | | 6. Aged cookbook stand

7. acupressure mat | | 8. Taupe Joan Beanie | | 9. alpaca socks

Ten. organic cotton pajamas | | 11. dining chair | | 12. dominique hoop earrings

13. frosted jacquard cardigan | | 14. copper energy ring | | 15. Pasta Maker Attachment for KitchenAid

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Design & Pictures: Tessa Foley interior

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