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Creating an Eclectic Gallery Wall with Vintage Art

by Contributing Author

Alice W. today. Alice Wingarden I am here to share about the creation of Eclectic gallery walls with vintage artAlice has a beautiful eye for design, which she shows us by combining old art with vintage items. She can create a beautiful and beautiful gallery wall display on a blank wall in your home.

Hello everyone!I am so happy to be here today to share my story. improvised gallery wallI was thrilled when Jennifer asked me to contribute to her wonderful blog.I look forward to sharing my decorating style with you. Start with an eclectic gallery wall. There are so many great posts about planning a gallery wall, how to place it, and step-by-step tutorials on how to put it together. I think they are great.

Vintage Art and Photo Gallery Walls and How to Design Them


But sometimes…I just want to let my creativity fly and spread my wings.

vintage fashion art print

The inspiration for this particular gallery wall came from a collection of antique fashion prints I framed. I started hanging it on the wall together, but the composition is not complete. One afternoon, I decided to fill this wall of my art his studio with framed vintage images and collectibles. I live in a small two-bedroom house, so my art studio occupies half (or more) of the master bedroom.

View of a collaged gallery wall

A small space can make a big impact if the artwork is made to be the focal point of a blank wall

Gallery wall vintage decoration

Our beds were on this side of the room for a while, but we decided to change the situation and move the studio over here. Now I have some inspiring wall art to look at while I create it. I had my mom help me when I put it together so I could see the placement of each piece before driving the nails into the wall. I know this process might scare some people, but I know I should be the only one enjoying it, as this is a section of the room that almost nobody enters except me. If you’re afraid of so many nail holes, try 3M hooks as hanger hardware whenever possible when hanging your artwork instead of using a hammer and nails. I wish I had some on hand, but I was reluctant to finish this wall.

See this post on using magic squares for more ways to style gallery walls.

Create a vintage gallery wall collaged with antique framed art and vintage items

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different frame styles and sizes to create a fun and eclectic vibe

When hanging art, I asked myself what do i love That’s the question I asked when I grabbed the piece to try on my wall. Besides antique fashion prints, I love old religious items, so I bought some old art prints and vintage rosaries. included. In addition to the pastoral sheep scene, we added some romantic images.

antique rosary
vintage art and frames

Sticking to a similar color scheme can help bring cohesion to your collaged gallery walls

Attention to detail was given as pieces of different styles were put together. I saw some green nuances in old picture frames and fashion prints, so I picked them up and added a plate and painting in similar shades of green.

How to make an eclectic collage wall with vintage frames and art

Eclectic gallery walls go well with a variety of textures and shapes. So I added a fabric wall hanging, an old ruler shaped to W (our last name), and some of my grandmother’s art supplies. My grandfather gave me metal number 6. It was my grandfather’s house number and was used at my grandparents’ house for many years. I love adding a piece of sentimental value to my interior.

Vintage ruler as wall art

All together is by no means “perfect” and some “professional gallery wall designers” will find many faults in this lack of planning and layout. I think that’s what makes a home a home. Not perfect. But it’s me. And finally, it’s important when it comes to decorating our home, right? That you love what you live for and that it represents who you are. the story you want to tell.

I hope you enjoy this post and come visit my blog Alice Wingarden: This Creative Lifefollow me with Pinterest or InstagramSome other posts you may enjoy:

Until next time…

~ Alice W.

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