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Cozy Wool Slipcovers – Personalize Your Ikea Furniture

by Contributing Author

A while ago I showed you a sample of the fabric I got for my IKEA sofa. I am so excited to get the sofa cover and it is very cozy.Love all the slipcovers we received Bemsbut there is something so cozy about this wool line that I am obsessed with! I’ve shared it many times, but if you haven’t seen these posts, Bemz.Com A great source of slipcovers to personalize all IKEA furniture. I have a lot of their linen slipcovers and love them dearly and so are these wool creations.

I chose fawn plaid wool for the two of us ikea furloff chair & birch melton wool for us faroff sofaAs soon as I put these on my sofa they snuggled up and I couldn’t believe how cozy they were with a soft wool texture all over the sofa. I also highly recommend it, but it feels like a really big bug when you sit on it.

I’ve been a slipcover enthusiast for many years, so I’ve slowly grown my collection and swapped out the slipcovers each season. You can change the look of a room just by changing it. And instead of spending the day on a bare couch, you can change out the slipcovers while you wash your current one, making wash day a lot easier. If you have existing IKEA pieces, this is a great way to refresh and update your existing pieces without getting a new sofa.

I hope you like this look of another slipcover for our IKEA creations. Thank you very much Bemz has this line of wool and fun classic patterns that will change the look of any room .You can see more of these works Instagram [HERE] Be sure to follow us! xx

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