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Cozy Up to Autumn: 6 Decorating Tips

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The changing seasons are mother nature’s cue to shuffle some of your decorating options. As fall arrives, the lush greens and sunny colors of summer give way to shades of autumn sunsets. Scarlet, gold, and rich orange transition into Mother Nature’s palette, and it’s beautiful. Follow her lead with these tips to bring fall’s best decorating choices indoors.

bring in the outside

Gourds, small pumpkins and autumn plants are natural outdoor decoration elements. They are also a great addition indoors. Incorporate a small gourd into the centerpiece of your dining room. Another great way to bring the outdoors in is by planting moss, grass, and twigs in pots.

rotate accessories

Swap out your couch cushion set for a rich, crimson pillow, or a spicy pumpkin pillow. Replace wall art with nature-themed photos and artwork that incorporate the hues of autumn.

Remember the details

Look closely at the less conspicuous components of the decoration. Small changes in these areas can have a big impact. Start small like wrapping jute or rope around your favorite candle. Replace the flowers in the bookshelf vase with dried and faded hydrangeas. Think subtly. think of autumn have fun!

taste the scent

Autumn is synonymous with the mouth-watering scent of apple pie and refreshing fallen leaves. Both of these scents, as well as many other seasonal scents, can be found in candles and wax burners. It makes me feel worried. If you don’t like candles, adding cinnamon sticks, cloves, and nutmeg to boiling water will have the same effect.

feel comfortable

The air outside is getting cooler. Indoors should be cozier and complement it with cozy warmth. Throw a soft blanket or quilt in fall colors behind your favorite sheet or at the foot of your bed. Rotate a summer-appropriate area rug to make it luxurious, warm, and autumnal. Do you have a fireplace? Create an intimate seating area near it. Make sure you have a small table in this nook for a steaming cup of cocoa, a spiced cider to warm your belly, or a mug of fire water from Stiggly Holistic.

check the lights

As we march towards winter, the sun sets earlier with each passing day. Now is a good time to make sure each room has the right lighting fixtures. Is your favorite reading nook bright enough to read while lounging in a warm throw? Is the lighting in your bedroom too bright to fall asleep at the end of the day? Replace bulbs, swap out light fixtures, add dimmer switches when needed.?

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