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Cozy Sweaters Under $20

by Contributing Author

Ok — Walmart! A few weeks ago I shared how much I love the additions to my Walmart closet this season. If you tell me where you got your sweater from, I’m in love with all sweaters, especially turtlenecks, this cozy holiday season. I love everything from fully wrapped knit turtleneck sweaters to light mock turtlenecks, this girl loves to be cozy from her house to her clothes.

I also stop by Walmart for school supplies and grocery essentials…totally past some great fashion items.It’s safe to say Walmart has my attention. in my closet. I’ve been finding vintage/retro inspired sweatshirts that I used to live in. They’re perfect for everything from a cozy day at home to a casual him day. I believe in Walmart’s fashion section these days… let’s see some other items I love.

I hope you like this little piece of my latest obsession. I feel like Diane Keaton “I have to give you something” With all the turtlenecks I’ve been rocking, I seriously can’t get enough. For those of us here on the farm, it really means the world.read more Instagram, FacebookWhen tick tock, get the latest information and design inspiration. Thank you very much. Please be comfortable.

xx Liz Marie

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