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Cozy Summer Mantel – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse

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The Mantelpiece is the perfect palette for when inspiration strikes. This is a place to play, try new things, showcase your latest DIY projects, or just be creative without committing anything. It’s also the perfect place to express your personality and passion for yourself and your guests. Do you have a passion for airplanes? Do you have a passion for travel? A passion for gardening? myself? If possible, I am passionate about too many things. Like today’s mantelpieces, it feels like it really shines through home decor and eclectic cozy cottage farmhouse style…

Cozy Summer Mantle – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Style

Collected over time, I needed a creative moment in the architecture around here, so I collected a bunch of my favorite pieces and styled them on my mantelpiece. I recently found this yacht at a houseware clearance. It was a little damaged, so I painted it to customize it for my house and used that as my main starting point. From there, you couldn’t find any art in this house because it’s all stowed away. So I made my own art using a recently found antique science poster and a brass frame. I didn’t intend to make it a permanent piece of art, so I taped the back of the art to the frame and hung it on the existing nails that were there. I would normally have opted for larger scale art, but this one is good for something fun and new. From there, I put together a recently purchased vase and some saved greens I had. I love them so much and if you have a source I wish I could share it or get more stems myself. I added a bunch of my favorite books for height/drama/interest/texture/and coziness. This is another great way to share your passion in interiors and pick up and read right away when you have the time. Sit down and flip through.me too Added interesting bookends Recent Acquisitions and Watches Sold out my home decor from the QVC linebut hopefully will be back soon!

Summer yacht model decoration:

An eclectic mantel styled with a few things around the house not only cleans up part of the house, but also creates a cozy and interesting moment in the front living room, giving me the fun and creative I need. gave me a moment. If you need to get creative or want to try something new at home, try mantelpieces as a palette and see what you can come up with. There are no rules. It’s a great way to make a room with a fireplace feel cozy and cozy.You can see more mantelpieces I shared [HERE] For more inspiration today.

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