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Cozy Summer Entryway – Garden Terrain Finds

by Contributing Author

As many of you know, the whole house is a mess with renovations. Decorations and furniture are everywhere as the walls have been demolished, stone laid, dust everywhere and each room has been turned upside down. Nothing makes sense. It’s really exciting to start the big renovation we’ve been dreaming of for the last 7 years, but I miss having clean areas in my house, so I’m coziing up little corners to let my creativity shine. . Of course, you can also share it with everyone. Today I tackled a small area by the front door of my house and created a very simple and cozy summer front porch with some garden terrain discoveries…

Frequently asked questions about our company aged terracotta pot I got excited because it’s really old Find some new terracotta pots in Terrain looks old. I got them in the old gray and original terracotta finish and styled them here in terracotta to show off. Of course, here in Michigan he still has snow in May, so let’s have some fun here first…

i got some Obelisk and garden trellis When the weather finally changes, to the greenhouse and garden. The shelves, baskets, books, pots, flower frogs, hats, brass scissors, etc. in the remaining space are all used and antique bargains.I found that calendar in a small shop. Carly Cooley design. Mixing new finds with old finds has always been a favorite of mine and is the perfect formula for a place to always be cozy no matter how big your home is. , you can create a cozy entryway with simple antique items.

Keep the following in mind the next time you craft an antique to create a cozy entryway.

– antique desks, tables and baskets for anchors

– Antique chair or bench for seating

-Antique shelves, hooks and coat racks for storage

– Antique garden finds such as planters, tools and decorations

Shop my new terrain discoveries here:

It doesn’t have to be complicated to be comfortable. Collect, collect, enjoy styling and have a cozy summer front door.See more summer inspiration [HERE]& You can see more cozy garden finds from the terrain [HERE]As always, thank you for stopping by our blog today and every day to see what’s new with us. xx

See all of our cozy garden finds and more above [HERE].

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