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Cozy Free People Look-A-Likes – Cozy Coastal Grandma Style

by Contributing Author

Everyone knows I love cozy interiors, but did you know that I also love cozy closets? , it only comes down to ‘cozy coastal granny style’. yes that’s all i got. A cozy coastal grandma who likes to wear clothes that allow her to yard, lounge, and run errands. I just love being cozy! I’m also a big fan of Free People, including their cozy setHowever, if you want multiple colors or multiple styles, the price may be high or multiple may not be available due to price.So today we’ve put together a few different cozy sets from Free People and a few more Affordable imitations collected over time from Amazon I like it and you can get the look for less…

All of the above sets are very similar, but of course, they come in a wide variety of colors, materials, etc., so you’ll have to do your own research on what works best for you and your lifestyle. Of course I love both for different reasons, but the price difference is amazing!!

me too Got these cozy slides from Amazon too And they look so much like my favorite Birkenstocks! You can see both below. More cozy finds on my Amazon page [HERE].

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