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Comparing Home Office Spaces Then and Now

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When we first moved into this house, we weren’t sure exactly what we wanted this vestibule to look like. We envisioned this house as a music room cum living room, but the longer we lived in this house, the more we realized we needed a formal office space for work and daily life. It’s been about a month since the study was officially completed and it has become a perfect and functional addition to our home. We decided to take a walk down memory lane and revisit other office spaces in our past home.

Current research

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This is our most formal office space. Both Chris and I enjoy working at this desk and there are no bad seats here.

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Of course the scenery is amazing and I get so inspired every time I spend time here. However, this room was right by the front door and it was 100% necessary to install a pocket door as it blocks out noise and distractions. Even a closed door is a signal that it’s busy here!

women’s office

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In our last home, we renovated the office space so the girls could do their homework and have some screen time. Exactly, this was his home office and one of my favorite spaces in the modern cottage.

team office

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In Idaho it was a little simpler and allowed us to have space for our team to work. There weren’t many people at that time, so this L-shaped room was the perfect space for us. Since then, we’ve been expanding and upgrading our home in North Carolina to a residential office space just down the street.

past music room

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I knew this wasn’t strictly an office space, but the music room was everyone’s favorite place to read and relax. Great for when you’re catching up on work or when you’re lost and need a change of pace.In a good book. I’m looking forward to turning the stair landing into a music room!

reading room

black candlestick | black leather sofa | woven basket | wooden coffee table | vase

Two houses ago, we had a reading room right at the front door (much like a study today). He spent six years transforming it into this room. I have a small bookshelf desk where I spent much of my early blogging life. Times have changed, but this space holds a lot of memories.

home office

leather rolling chair | white pendant

Once Chris started working full-time at Chris Loves Julia, the need for a space that was more isolated from the rest of the house became apparent. So we converted this spare bedroom in the basement into a home office. Fun fact, at one point we thought it could be a standing desk, but eventually changed to a sitting desk.

As a telecommuter, having a home office was absolutely necessary to ensure I had a designated area to focus and get my work done. Growing up, I feel like everyone had a “home office,” and it was just a computer lab. But in a world of laptops and smartphones, can a home office be considered as necessary as it once was?

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