When the general public thinks of the “wood” element, they may think of brown wooden furniture. They might imagine the brown color of the branches. But it’s the green leaves that are noteworthy. If you want wood elements as a room elemental remedy, live leafy plants are your best bet.

However, there may be reasons why a real plant cannot be used. Alternatively, you may want to use real plants, but with colors associated with the stages of the tree to further support the energy. should be conspicuous and used on a large scale. So let’s take a look at a visual sample of the wood element here.

Use what makes sense to the room, its function, and the person using it. Some methods include wall color, but for wood treatments that are only one year or not long-term, you may want green decorations that can be easily removed, such as rugs or artwork. I have.

When using a green color, the more saturated and stronger the color is, the better, such as emerald green or forest green. In other words, a very faint sage green may not be strong enough to act as a wood element.If a space that requires green is adjacent to a blue-toned room, brown is the dominant color. Comparing it to the room next door, it may decide on a shade of green that is pleasing to the eye.

Like any color, green comes in many shades, so if you need to color your wood elements, find one you like.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company name: Feng Shui Solutions (R)

From the Feng Shui Architecture and Design blog series