If you need the water element for your feng shui adjustment, real H2O is the way to go. Clean circulating water is ideal. However, there are times when real water cannot be used in fountains or aquariums. Some have pets and children that get in the water.

There may be other cases, such as some clinics, where water is simply not allowed or considered a breeding ground for bacteria. You can use.

At the bottom of the sea, the water appears black. Black is great for representing water, but don’t use it in rooms that are dark or hollow. Black is a color that looks very serious. In bright rooms they often look very attractive.

Alternatively, you can make the water feel with a large blue display. With enough blue, you’ll feel like you’re in the pool. It even makes you feel cool. Then you can see that there is enough blue color. As with any element, if the element is not long-term and he only needs it for a year, choose decorative items that can be easily replaced.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company name: Feng Shui Solutions (R)

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